Smart loaf? Start-up seeks partner to upscale zero carb gluten-free bread production

By Kacey Culliney

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The gluten-free zero carb SmartLoaf developers want to upscale production through a partnership
The gluten-free zero carb SmartLoaf developers want to upscale production through a partnership

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US start-up Smart Baking Company is looking to strike a partnership to upscale production of its patent-pending zero carbohydrate gluten-free bread.

The ‘SmartLoaf’ has been developed by the Florida firm using a herbal and emulsifier blend of rice fiber, flaxseed meal, whey protein and fatty acids omega 3,6,9 without sugars or starch. In addition to being gluten-free, the bread is also free from soy and lactose free and rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants.  

The Smart Baking Company has been developing the bread for around three years and now hopes to expand business with a partnership to establish a larger dedicated bakery facility.

“Our current operation is a restaurant style bakery, with a lab where this bread has been developed. Right now we simply cannot fulfil the massive demand from our small facility,” ​said Val Heuvel, chef baker at Smart Baking Company and SmartLoaf inventor.

Heuvel told that company already has extensive business plans for a new factory but just needs the capital to build it and spark mass production of the bread product.

Lucrative appeal

This bread has broad appeal and huge opportunities, he said, because it targets celiacs, diabetics, health enthusiasts, bodybuilders, children and consumers with other allergies.

“The product is lactose free – no milk sugars – and soy free because we want to reach out to people with these allergies. It’s a huge market,”​ he said.

“The opportunities will not only be national, but Australian companies have already expressed their interest in the product,”​ he added.

Pocketing production savings

The company noted the bread also holds appeal from a production point of view, as it requires considerably less time and energy, therefore cutting costs.

Smart Baking claims that production of the SmartLoaf costs around half that of a regular bread due to reduced time and energy use.

The production requires around six processing steps, compared to around 12 in regular bread production, it said.

Future NPD

Heuvel indicated that there are future plans to develop new zero carb gluten-free products such as crackers and cereal. “In our patent it is clearly indicated that the SmartLoaf is part of a well defined ‘mother sponge’ of which many future product derivatives can be produced,”​ he said. 

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Zero Carb????

Posted by Todd Forman,

The last time I checked, fiber is listed on Nutritional Panels as a carbohydrate. The product may be sugar and starch free, but I don't think it can be called carbohydrate- free.

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