Thanksgiving: The perfect day to order takeout?

By Elaine WATSON

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Picture: Wikimedia Commons, author:
Picture: Wikimedia Commons, author:
While Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for family meals (and arguments), it’s also a time for, well, ordering takeout; especially if you’re spending the week in Vegas…

While the volume of takeout orders placed on Thanksgiving Day is lower than those placed on an average Thursday, large numbers of Americans celebrate the big day with takeout, says online food ordering expert GrubHub Seamless.

Diners in Las Vegas are the most likely to celebrate Turkey Day with takeout

OK - so this probably won’t come as a huge surprise - but according to an analysis of takeout orders from GrubHub Seamless’s database of 25,000+ restaurants in 500+ US cities, diners in Las Vegas are most likely to order takeout on Thanksgiving Day. And men are 68% more likely than women to opt for takeout that day.

“Food and family may be the traditional centerpieces of the Thanksgiving holiday, but tradition means different things to different people​,” said Mandy Pekin, vice president of brand marketing and communications at GrubHub Seamless.

“Diners in the following cities are most likely to celebrate Turkey Day with takeout as opposed to a home-cooked meal: Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Lansing, Chicago and New York.”

However, for those too busy partying in Vegas (or living it up in Lansing, Michigan), to cook a Thanksgiving meal, those opting for takeout are at least making an effort to get into the holiday spirit, says GrubHub Seamless.

“Thanksgiving classics spike in popularity throughout the holiday season, with dishes like pumpkin pie and stuffing showing order growth in excess of 100%.”

The following classic dishes are most popular among all GrubHub Seamless diners during the week of Thanksgiving (data shows orders on Thanksgiving week 2012 compared to an average week in 2012):

  • Pumpkin Pie: +230% 
  • Stuffing: +140% 
  • Green Bean Casserole: +59%
  • Creamed Corn: +53%
  • Cranberry Sauce: +21%
  • Chocolate Pie: +14%
  • Cherry Pie: +14%
  • Cider: +13%
  • Roast Turkey: +13%
  • Brussels Sprouts: +11%

As for the day itself, foods with the biggest order spikes on Thanksgiving Day are:

  • Pumpkin Pie – 25 times more popular than normal
  • Stuffing – 14 times more popular than normal
  • Gravy – 2 times more popular than normal
  • Tiramisu – 87% more popular than normal
  • Naan – 79% more popular than normal
  • Mashed Potatoes – 78% more popular than normal
  • Cake – 72% more popular than normal
  • Cheesecake – 71% more popular than normal
  • Chicken Tikka Masala – 49% more popular than normal
  • Turkey - 49% more popular than normal
According to fellow online ordering firm​, turkey was the top seller on the site on Thanksgiving in 2012, closely followed by pizza, burgers, and salads.  

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