ADM feeds food sector with salt reduction technology

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Salt reduction technologies will 'help' meat producers
Salt reduction technologies will 'help' meat producers

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Flavour and speciality ingredient specialist Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has unveiled new technology to cut sodium by 30% while ensuring meat products retain their trademark salty taste. 

After the acquisition of Wild Flavors in 2014 for $2.2bn, ADM has boasted of its “enhanced portfolio​”, which it claims has put the company in a “better position​” to serve customer demand for low-salt products.

And in an announcement set to take place later today ADM – one of the world’s largest food ingredients providers – will announce the introduction of sodium reduction technology that will help meat producers supply low-sodium products.

The sodium reduction technologies include two key products: Sea SaltTrim and Salt Enhancer.

Sea SaltTrim is based on natural sea salt which is rich in potassium chloride and other minerals. ADM claims combining Sea SaltTrim with their other natural flavours will deliver the great taste of salt without the “bitterness associated with potassium​”.

The other product, Salt Enhancer, is a dry powder flavouring designed for food products. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including fresh processed meat, cured meat, raw-cooked and pre-cooked products.

This will help meat processors and manufacturers produce low-salt products and thus supply demand for healthier ingredients that are lower in salt, say ADM.

Exclusive comment​ 

Speaking to ADM’s sales director Tim Symons, ahead of the announcement, he said: “The key reason this will help meat producers is the range of products we’re offering for salt reduction technologies – this includes Sea SaltTrim and Salt Enhancer​.

The products have natural ingredients, clean and clear labelling and are cost-effective methods of sodium reduction. They are part of a much bigger picture on salt and sodium reduction and we’re all looking for sodium reduction methods whilst still wanting to enjoy meat products.​”

Most meat companies rely on sodium to give their products improved taste. But aside from flavour, sodium also improves the texture of meat, prolongs its shelf-life and enhances water holding capacity.

In a statement, due for publication later today, Symons will say: “Our sodium reduction solutions will allow the end-customer to adopt a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the salty taste and mouthfeel that they are used to.

Our goal is to help meat product manufacturers achieve local and international salt reduction targets and provide a variety of reduced-sodium meat applications using the latest technology to satisfy market demands​. For example, our range of functional soya proteins can help manufacturers address concerns for texture and water retention often associated with sodium-reduced meat applications.​”

'Cut salt intake'

This announcement comes in the wake of a wave of studies that highlight the alarming health risks posed by a high-sodium diet. In 2010, 1.7m deaths around the world were attributed to high salt consumption and the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned people to cut their salt intake from 10 grams per day to five.

This report was echoed by the World Action on Salt initiative which, this year, said lowering salt intake by three grams could reduce stroke and heart attacks by 22% and 16% respectively.

ADM is a US company based in Illinois. It makes products for food, animal feed, industrial and energy use. It operates in more than 140 countries, employs around 33,000 people and has been running since 1902.

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