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US reignites trade battle with EU over beef imports

US trade representatives have heeded calls from the country’s meat industry to act on ‘unfair and discriminatory’ rules on US beef imports to the EU – threatening to reopen a 20 year dispute and put sanctions on European products.

Alex McCoy: 'Ostrich is by far the most environmentally sustainable red meat'

American Ostrich Farms CEO: It’s not like tons of young people are going into farming. But the contrarian in me said, hey, why not?

Check out Alexander McCoy’s linkedin profile and you’ll see a string of corporate finance-related entries until you get to 2013, when he abruptly switched gears and took up ostrich farming.  

USDA will encourage farmers to go organic by harmonizing standards for transitional certification

Farmers transitioning to organic soon could more easily sell their products at a premium even during the transition period before they are fully certified thanks to a new USDA program announced today. 

Sourcing slower-growing chickens pits animal welfare, environmental concerns against each other

Manufacturers and retailers soon could find themselves between a rock and a hard place as the trend to source slower growing broiler chickens gains momentum with retailers and restaurants.  

Healthcare concerns redirect more QSR consumers to grocery stores, research suggests

Healthcare concerns likely are behind the steep drop in Americans’ spending at restaurants in 2016 and the uptick in consumers who say they will cook at home more in the New Year, according to recent research. 

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Global cuisine will rise in 2017 along with complex nutrition claims

Despite a rising nationalism in the US born out of the contentious presidential election cycle, Americans remain open to global cuisine and as such, in 2017, international flavors and cultures will continue to heavily influence what’s hot and what’s not in the US food and beverage, predicts a globe-trotting nutrition communication expert.

Sustainability concerns will color consumers’ food selections in 2017

A growing awareness of the environmental impact of food production and a desire to shop sustainably will heavily influence how consumers plan, shop for and prepare meals in the coming year, predicts a leading food influencer and national retailer. 

Study connecting meat to asthma 'reckless,' NAMI says

New research suggesting a connection between consuming cured and processed meat and worsening asthma symptoms is "reckless" and "flies in the face of real clinical medical knowledge," according to the North American Meat Institute. 

Ancient Nutrition makes bone broth more convenient as a protein powder

Ancient Nutrition takes the burgeoning bone broth category in a new direction by bringing it into the well established and wildly successful protein powder segment with the creation of a more versatile Bone Broth Protein powder.

Farmer’s Pantry offers a new kind of snack for America’s new approach to eating

As snacking continues to encroach on mealtime in the US, industry newcomer Farmer’s Pantry wants to ensure that the grab-and-go options consumers reach for are well-balanced, sufficiently filling and worthy of their new elevated position in the American diet.

yusō founder: The next generation of snacks is fresh, satisfying and healthy

Japanese onigiri - protein-filled sticky rice balls wrapped in crunchy seaweed – are gaining traction in US restaurants. But if yusō founder Sarah Sturtevant has her way, they could also give retailers convenient new savory options in their emerging refrigerated snacking sets.

Krave enters savory bar sector with new meat snacks

Premium meat snack brand, Krave, has brought its first bar line to CVS stores and other retailers across the US, as the company believed there are few savory options existing in the snack bar category.

From Trump to climate change threats and scientific advancements, 2017 promises ‘excitement’

With each new year comes new trends in ingredients, cooking styles and eating patterns, but in 2017 the incoming presidential Administration could fundamentally change the way Americans eat by changing how food gets from farm to fork and the safety measures in place along the way, predicts Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert.

Companies, retailers must do more to make the healthy choice the easy choice, CSPI says

Consumer interest in healthy eating is at an all-time high, and in many ways food and beverage manufacturers are rising to meet this demand by cutting calories from across their portfolios and offering more better-for-you options -- but the Center for Science in the Public interest says companies can do more.

Startup brand DNX Bar bets on the meat bar category

Distributor United Natural Foods has signed a deal to distribute DNX Bar’s beef and bison meat bars. Founder John Rooney believes it’s a sign that the meat snack category is poised to exit the ‘trendy’ realm and become a new snack-aisle staple.

News in brief

Tyson Foods launches $150m venture fund focused on 'companies developing breakthrough technologies and business models'

Meat & poultry giant Tyson Foods - which recently took a 5% stake in plant-based 'meat' firm Beyond Meat - has launched a $150m venture capital fund focused on investing in "companies developing breakthrough technologies, business models and products to sustainably feed a growing world population."

Memphis Meats: We'll have ‘clean meat’ products in grocery stores by 2021

‘Clean’ (a.k.a. cultured/lab-grown) meat pioneer Memphis Meats says it aims to have products in grocery stores by 2021, and says it is confident it will be able to mass produce meat in bioreactors at prices at parity, or below, that of meat from farm animals.

USDA proposes revisions to Nutrition Facts panel for meat and poultry products

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts panel for meat and poultry products, amending regulations published in May 2016.

Lab meat heads for the market: A look at the history and future of in-vitro meat

With rapidly increasing research, falling production prices and greater publicity for lab-grown meat, 'in-vitro' technology looks set to come onto the market in the next...

Americans' desire for international food remains strong despite rising nationalism

A renewed nationalism by a vocal portion of the US population, fueled by Trump’s presidential campaign and victory, likely will not dampen consumers’ desire for international flavors and dishes, according to some trendologists.

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