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Row intensifies over 'Eat less red & processed meat’ message in dietary guidelines report

The row over the health and sustainability of meat consumption prompted by the recent Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) report has intensified this week as stakeholders rushed to submit comments on the report ahead of a May 8 deadline.

Jeremy Rifkin: Meat is ‘the most inefficient way of feeding the human race’

Europe needs to talk about moving down the food chain to feed people more efficiently and beat climate change, says renowned US economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin.

organic and non-gmo trends

GMOs, limited technology, dwindling farmers threaten organic growth, Sen. Tester says

The organic industry must overcome substantial hurdles to sustain its double digit sales growth, including the threat posed by genetically modified organisms, limited technological advancements and a dwindling farming population, said organic farmer and democratic Montana senator Jon Tester.

organic and non-gmo trends

Rise in organic imports signals opportunity for U.S. farmers, OTA says

Sharp increases in imported organic soy beans and corn to the U.S. in 2014 to feed the expanding organic dairy, poultry and livestock sectors is a “‘help wanted’ message for American farmers,” according to Laura Batcha, CEO of the Organic Trade Association. 

3 firms expand into new territory with protein-packed snack launches

Several well-established manufacturers are stepping out of their comfort zones and expanding into new categories or updating iconic brands to meet consumers’ ostensibly insatiable desire for protein-packed snacks. 

Artisan Bistro updates frozen entrée ingredients, packaging to attract consumers

Artisan Bistro hopes to coax back to the frozen food aisle consumers who have given the category the cold shoulder by raising the culinary and ingredient bars with its boldly flavored meals that are healthy for consumers and the earth. 

Getting authenticity ‘right’ to grow business & make social change

The requirement to be “authentic” to succeed in the competitive food and beverage industry is clear, but how consumers define authenticity and how companies can meet and benefit from this lofty standard is not as clear. 

Fresh food “critical” to driving Walmart sales, market share, new CEO says

Improving the quality, assortment, display and accessibility of fresh food is “critical” to Walmart’s “plan of attack” to grow sales and market share, the firm’s new U.S. CEO told analysts April 1. 

Organic & Non-GMO Trends

Who buys organic and where they buy it is evolving

The face of the organic shopper is changing slowly to reflect more accurately the American population thanks in part to increased distribution, according to a new study by the Organic Trade Association. 

Better than veggie: Eat chicken to fight climate change

We have vegetarian, pescetarian, fruitatarian, vegan… and pollo-tarian? Ditching beef and dairy for poultry products is the best diet to combat climate change, according to new research.

Toward plant-based diets: How do people explain why they eat meat?

Shifting consumers from a meat-focused diet to a more plant-based diet must take into account their perceptions of meat, a study has said.

ConAgra Foods outlines 3 point plan to grow consumer business

ConAgra Food outlines a three-point plant for growing sales of commercial brands, including Swiss Miss, Pam and Orville Redenbacher's, which continue to struggle despite improved share, profit and volume stabilization.

Would consumers eat animals fed on insect protein?

An EU-funded project is conducting a survey to find out if consumers feel comfortable eating animals that have been fed on insect protein.

Savory bars ‘reinventing’ sports nutrition

America’s sports nutrition market has been re-shaped by a clear shift towards savory flavors and meat in the bar category, says Packaged Facts.

DGAC 2015 report “demonizes” sugar, meat and potatoes, former committee members say

Sugar, meat and potatoes – common staples in the American diet – are “demonized” by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, according to several former committee members. 

Fusion Jerky CEO: 'I wanted a more modern take on jerky that would appeal to women and children'

The meat snacks market has become considerably more dynamic lately, with new entrants piling in and existing players revamping their offer, but there’s still room for new players that can bring a fresh twist to the category, says the boss of a brand that fuses moist, tender, Asian-style jerky with American flavors.

Atkins directs new shoppers to struggling frozen pizza category

Atkins Nutritionals enters the competitive frozen pizza category with the launch of a high-protein, low-carb option that it says will expand the sluggish category by bringing in consumers who do not currently shop the segment. 

Jerky mix (meat + nuts + dried fruit) is the hot new category in high-protein snacking, says Dick Stevens

North Carolina-based brand Dick Stevens is looking for a slice of the action in the burgeoning high-protein-snacks market with a novel ‘jerky mix’ product combining meat, nuts and fruits in a paleo-friendly grab & go product that creates a new sub-sector of the meat-snacks category.

Cooksimple meal kits aim to “revitalize” the grocery store center aisles as a healthy destination

The CEO of the startup The Healthy Pantry hopes Cooksimple, a healthier, modernized take on iconic meal kits will revitalize the center of the grocery store, which he compared to the “ghetto.”

NAMI: Ten pounds of beef provides more complete nutrition than 10 pounds of rice

North American Meat Institute slams 'flawed' and 'nonsensical' advice on meat consumption in DGAC Dietary Guidelines report

Recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) report on meat consumption are “flawed” and “nonsensical” and fail to recognize the role that nutrient dense lean meats can play in a healthy balanced diet, says the North American Meat Institute (NAMI).

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