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USDA proposes revisions to Nutrition Facts panel for meat and poultry products

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts panel for meat and poultry products, amending regulations published in May 2016.

Lab meat heads for the market: A look at the history and future of in-vitro meat

With rapidly increasing research, falling production prices and greater publicity for lab-grown meat, 'in-vitro' technology looks set to come onto the market in the next...

Americans' desire for international food remains strong despite rising nationalism

A renewed nationalism by a vocal portion of the US population, fueled by Trump’s presidential campaign and victory, likely will not dampen consumers’ desire for international flavors and dishes, according to some trendologists.

Baby and toddler snacks often fall short on nutrition while marketing misleads parents, review reveals

Food manufacturers should voluntarily expand the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative for improving food advertising to children to include marketing of baby and toddler food and drinks, the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity recommends after it found marketing for baby and toddler snacks are likely to mislead parents about nutritional content.

Race matters when it comes to the types of groceries commonly purchased in the US, survey shows

Manufacturers and retailers who understand the subtleties and different priorities of multicultural consumers in the US not only could see more sales, but could charge more for individual items, new research from Nielsen and Harris Poll suggests. 

Peapod partners with food blogger to better compete against subscription meal kit delivery services

Grocery stores continue to step up their game against the competitive threat of subscription home delivery meal kits by improving their similar offerings as in the case of Ahold USA’s partnership with cookbook author and blogger Gina Homolka of Skinnytaste.

Tension around presidential election likely will take a toll on holiday food spending, IRI predicts

No matter who wins tomorrow’s presidential election, two-thirds of US consumers believe their financial health will deteriorate in 2017 -- a prospect that has many reigning in their holiday dining budgets and looking for deals, according to new research from IRI. 

Growth of global food sales slows to 10-year low, but hot spots could turn around trend, Euromonitor data shows

Growth in the global food industry has slowed to its lowest level in more than a decade to a dismal 1.1% in 2016, but there are a few bright spots that promise improved future growth, according to new data from Euromonitor International. 

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Is low-FODMAP the new gluten-free?

For the 45 million Americans who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, identifying food that they can safely eat without triggering a flare up is a source of deep frustration that also could be a sizable market opportunity for innovative food and beverage companies that can provide an easy solution.

Packaging & product innovations from Nasoya make tofu more convenient

Tofu is gaining acceptance as a center-of-the-plate protein beyond vegetarians and vegans thanks in part to the growing focus on plant-based diets as well as new packaging and product innovations that make it easier to prepare. 

Not all calories are the same: Those from excessive omega-6s more damaging than omega-3s

When it comes to weight management not all calories are created equally – especially when they come from omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, according to an editorial in the online journal Open Heart. 

Hormel’s new Vital Cuisine line address nutritional & emotional needs of cancer patients & survivors

After donating millions of dollars a year to cancer research for years, Hormel is stepping up its game to more directly help people fighting and recovering from the disease with the launch of a novel product line designed just for them.

The growing demand for free-from foods offers Hispanic food, beverage new growth avenue

The Hispanic food and beverage market in the US is growing steadily along with the Latino-American population, but manufacturers can speed its growth and expand the appeal of their products beyond this core group by tapping into the popular free-from food movement, according to new research from Packaged Facts.

Reishi reigns! Mushroom products continue impressive growth in food and beverage space

From teas to powdered lemonade mixes and protein shakes, products formulated with mushrooms are springing up all over the place, with reishi leading the pack.

Trendspotting at FNCE: Watermelon, peanut butter, dried fruit & veggie bowls grab attention

At the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston this week, emerging and maturing trends showcased on the show floor included more watermelon-based products, variations on peanut butter and lots of fruit- and vegetable-forward convenience foods.

Good Housekeeping creates new seal, incubator to identify & help develop healthier products

Media outlet and consumer product evaluation laboratory Good Housekeeping is launching a new nutrition seal and first-of-its kind food brand incubator to help companies create food and beverages that “inspire healthier eating habits” and make it easier for consumers to quickly choose those products on crowded store shelves.

NEW PRODUCTS GALLERY: From kefir cups and fruity birch water to jerky (minus the meat)

Check out FoodNavigator-USA’s latest gallery of new products hitting US shelves. Trends to watch include meat snacks (and plant-based alternatives), more pulse-based innovations from extruded snacks to spaghetti, spoonable kefir and cheese, drinking vinegar, and a new beverage for consumers following a low FODMAP diet.

Do you eat meat? What about animals? Scientists slice open a carnivore's paradox

The way meat is prepared, advertised and labelled has led to a disconnect between animals and meat and fuelled consumption, according to new research.

We've just got into 1,700 Walmart stores with paleo, organic and gluten free meals

Beetnik CEO: ‘I’m a chef. If someone doesn’t like my product, I take it super-personally’

Most successful entrepreneurs combine limitless self-belief and a thick skin, says Beetnik Foods founder David Perkins, but they’re also human: “As a chef, I know everyone’s tastes differ, but this company is my baby, so if even one person has a bad experience with my product I take it super-personally.”

Avure on new directions for HPP, and the real takeaways from those FDA warning letters…

High pressure processing (HPP) is rapidly gaining traction in new food and beverage applications, while the growing toll network has also made it more accessible, says HPP specialist Avure, which claims new research provides “conclusive evidence” that coconut water, regardless of whether it is treated with HPP, does not support the growth of C. botulinum toxins.

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