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Federal GMO labeling bill hailed as 'true compromise,' but critics say it's woefully inadequate

Attempts to reach a federal GMO labeling solution have failed miserably to date. However, a bipartisan deal requiring mandatory GMO labeling (via smartlabels, symbols or as yet undetermined wording) thrashed out in the Senate on Thursday looks like it could prove the exception to the rule.

Field Trip Jerky unveils new packaging, targets 250% growth in 2016

Five years ago, all-natural credentials, premium packaging and culinary-inspired flavors were novel territory for jerky. Today, they are simply de-rigueur, and enterprising brands must find new ways to stay ahead of the game, says Field Trip Jerky, which has unveiled quirky new packaging following a $3-5m capital raise to fuel its aggressive expansion plans.

First Fresh Foods CEO: Chicken sausage category sales boost as number of health-conscious consumers rise

There’s a growing demand for lean protein, and according to CEO of First Fresh Foods, consumers are increasingly looking at value-added chicken products to mix up the meat in family meals.

Taste Test Friday

Taste Test Friday: Banza chickpea pasta with One Hop Kitchen Bolognese offers a twist on a classic

On the menu for this edition of Taste Test Friday is a blind sampling of a classic American-Italian meal: pasta with Bolognese sauce – but with a twist. 

Green packaging makes food seem healthier - but not for discerning organic shoppers

Discount shoppers believe a product tastes healthier if it comes in a 'healthy', green packaging - but organic shoppers have a more critical eye and are less affected by packaging, researchers have found.

One Hop Kitchen expands edible insects beyond baked goods into pasta sauce

The nascent edible insect category is growing quickly, but finished product manufacturers have mainly focused on baked goods made from insect flour – until now. 

Sweets & snacks expo 2016

Kids, claims and variety – the key opportunities for snacks growth

Families, ingredient claims, and variety in packaging and flavors have been flagged up as key drivers of growth in the US snacking market.

Love With Food gains credibility, trust with acquisition of Send Me Gluten Free, CEO says

With the acquisition of competitor Send Me Gluten Free, snack subscription company Love With Food continues to build its credibility as a service that not only “surprises and delights” consumers with new natural products but as a trustworthy business that provides safe options for people with celiac disease and gluten-intolerance.

World Meat-Free Day shines light on evolving market

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Paleo diet linked to faster weight loss, but also lower intake of key micronutrients, study finds

New research supports the controversial but long-held belief that the paleo diet, which encourages the consumption of lean meats, healthy fats and no grains, is a more effective way to lose weight quickly compared to a more typically balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains and less fat. 

DiMario ‘snack sticks’ continue Italian legacy of a Chicago family’s hobby

More meat snacks are coming to the market, but Chicago-based DiMario Foods believes the founding-family’s meat-curing tradition is a rare find on store-shelves, and it’s a quirk that can win the hearts of consumers, especially families.

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: Strategies for growing sales of plant-based products

When many mainstream consumers think of plant-based alternatives to animal products they think of non-dairy milks – and for good reason: it is one of the fastest growing sub-categories and a key driver in the growth of the overall plant-based segment.

Most Americans sit together for dinner, which more often than not is made from scratch, poll finds

Despite the intense focus in recent year on providing on-the-go food for time-crunched consumers, the vast majority of Americans still sit down together for dinner at least once a week, if not more often, according to a recent Harris Poll.

DiGiorno rises to meet challenges facing the frozen pizza category

The frozen pizza category has been on ice the past few years with slipping sales attributed in part to the category’s image as highly processed and unhealthy, as well as a recovering economy that has allowed consumers to go out more for “fresh” pizza. 

FoodNavigator-USA's Soup to Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: What is driving the booming sales growth of plant-based products?

Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products are booming, thanks in large part to improved sensory qualities, expanded availability and increased consumer access to information about their health and environmental impacts, according to category stakeholders who participated in FoodNavigator-USA’s inaugural Soup-to-Nuts Podcast.

Stakeholders laud FDA’s potentially life-saving draft voluntary sodium reduction guidance

In an effort to prevent upwards of 500,000 premature deaths from heart attacks and strokes in the next 10 years, FDA has set ambitious sodium reduction targets for food manufacturers and restaurants across nearly 150 food categories to be met in the next two and 10 years.

Bug food makers join forces to create North American Edible Insects Coalition

A new trade organization devoted to expanding the use of insects in food and feed will meet for the first time this week as bug enthusiasts gather for a three-day conference on edible bugs in Detroit.

US organic food & beverage sales rose 10.6% to $39.8bn in 2015, says OTA

US sales of organic food and drink surged 10.6% to $39.8bn in 2015, significantly ahead of the 3% growth in the overall food market, with some segments up more than 30% year-on-year, according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA).

Four lessons from animals and nature that helped propel EPIC Provisions’ rapid rise

The inclination for most when they see a storm brewing on the horizon is to run the other way and take shelter – but not bison, and not the co-founders of EPIC Provisions who attribute the meteoric growth of their meat bars in part to their decision not only to face the storm but run into it. 

Bare Bones: ‘We want to be the most convenient bone broth on the market’

The bone broth market is still in its infancy, with manufacturers and retailers alike still trying to work out how to merchandise it, but having a packaging format that makes it easy to understand and prepare could help brands really punch above their weight, says one fast-growing brand.

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