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2016 Super Bowl marketing campaigns heavily feature online components

As football teams across America vie for a coveted spot in the upcoming Super Bowl 50, so too are food and beverage makers for a spot on viewers’ big game day party menus. 

New Year’s resolutions to eat at home could boost grocery sales, but industry faces challenges

Supermarkets and grocery stores likely will see a bump in the first quarter as many Americans resolve to eat at home more often following the holidays, which typically are marked with celebratory meals and drinks out, market research firm IBISWorld predicts. 

Atkins redefines weight-loss “success” in campaign that shifts brand more towards wellness

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and eat healthier, low-carb food manufacturer Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., is redefining weight-loss success in a new ad campaign that features actress Alyssa Milano and focuses on finding a “happy weight.”

Is fresh chicken with added solution “natural”? TLC says no

USDA should prohibit the use of “natural” on fresh chicken with added saltwater or seaweed extract given recent research that reveals most consumers do not expect added solutions in chicken making this claim, the Truthful Labeling Coalition argues. 

'The huge disparity between what the guidelines advocate and what Americans actually eat is beyond alarming'

Dietitians respond to 2015 Dietary Guidelines: ‘The American public needs more forceful messages.’

What do registered dietitians and nutritionists think of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and how much do they ultimately matter, since the gulf between what Americans are told to eat – and what they actually eat - remains huge?

Global food prices plunged by nearly 20% in 2015

In 2015 prices of the world’s major commodities fell for the fourth year in a row, averaging nearly one fifth (19.1%) lower than in 2014, says the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

EPIC bone broth to launch in Q1, 2016

EPIC Provisions sells to General Mills: ‘We felt like we couldn’t walk away from this opportunity’

Upmarket meat snacks maker EPIC Provisions has been wooed by several suitors, but ultimately agreed to tie the knot with General Mills because it would help it achieve its goal of making high-quality grass-fed animal protein available to a broader audience, but keep it at arm’s length, said co-founder Taylor Collins.

BRU Broth CEO: Bone broth is poised for significant growth in 2016

Bone broth – a warming, nourishing beverage made from meaty bones and veggies left to simmer for hours and then strained - is poised for significant growth in 2016, predicts one new market entrant, which is bringing a novel twist to the category by adding cold-pressed greens and other on-trend ingredients such as turmeric to its high pressure processed (HPP) bone broths, and packaging them in bottles that sit in the chiller next to HPP juices such as Suja.

Limited access to supermarkets not the only cause of obesity in food deserts, research finds

New research challenges the commonly held belief that simply adding supermarkets, with more healthy options, to food deserts could reduce obesity rates in low-income neighborhoods with limited access to food retailers. 

Seeds, avocados and clean-eating will gain traction in 2016, RDNs predict

Nutrient-dense and protein-packed seeds will steal the show in 2016, predict 450 registered dietitian nutritionists surveyed by Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian.

Race to use only cage-free eggs could create supply challenge, predicts exec from the happy egg co.

As the race for manufacturers and restaurants to switch to 100% cage-free eggs in the US gains momentum, the speed of the transition could create short-term supply challenges for manufacturers and long-term opportunities for existing specialty egg providers, predicts a top executive at the happy egg co., which sells “true free range” eggs. 

Step away from the buffet: The recipe to eating a healthy festive dinner

It’s no secret that people eat more than usual during the festive season, but the buffet holds nutritional promise too. We visited a few...

Holiday grocery spending on the rise, Acosta finds

Nearly three-quarters of US consumers will host a meal or a party this holiday season, and to ensure their guests leave jolly and full 57% of shoppers say they will spend more on groceries during this season than last, according to a new study by Acosta. 

Less burdensome trade arrangements help organic exports climb almost 60%, OTA study finds

US exports of organic produce and products are on the rise thanks to organic equivalency arrangements that ease verification requirements between some countries without compromising the integrity of organic, according to new research from the Organic Trade Association. 

OTA hopes to “turn the corner” on organic supply shortages in 2016

The Organic Trade Association in 2016 will push forward several initiatives to help industry “turn the corner” on the supply shortages currently holding it back from meeting surging demand for organic products, the group’s CEO Laura Batcha says. 

Sustainable seafood market extends 'whole fish' idea with line of supplements

Chicago sustainable seafood purveyor Wixter Market has developed that sustainability idea further by seeking to sell every part of the fish via a line of private label salmon oil omega-3 supplements.

Food for kids!

Mobile app aims to help children pick healthy, portion-controlled food

Ensuring children have healthy options in their lunches and for snacks is one way to help them fight obesity, but for the times when they select their own food at restaurants and friends’ houses, a new app and coaching program from Kurbo Health Inc. can help them eat right. 

Rabobank connects winning startups of its inaugural FoodBytes! showcase with investors

Startups ranging from the maker of fine sodas to an information management firm for farmers took center-stage at Rabobank North America Wholesale’s client appreciation event in New York City earlier this month where they were recognized as the winners and runners-up of the pitch competition FoodBytes! and introduced to hundreds of top industry companies and potential investors. 

Spicy foods open Americans to international flavors in 2016, McCormick & Co. predicts

America’s love affair with spicy flavors will continue in 2016, but with an evolutionary twist that also will open the door for more multicultural flavors, predicts McCormick & Co. in it is annual flavor forecast. 

'Responsible use' label needed as antibiotic fears grow

A new on-pack label could be the best way to quickly reduce the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry, according to a major new report for the UK government.

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