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Fusion Jerky CEO: 'I wanted a more modern take on jerky that would appeal to women and children'

The meat snacks market has become considerably more dynamic lately, with new entrants piling in and existing players revamping their offer, but there’s still room for new players that can bring a fresh twist to the category, says the boss of a brand that fuses moist, tender, Asian-style jerky with American flavors.

Atkins directs new shoppers to struggling frozen pizza category

Atkins Nutritionals enters the competitive frozen pizza category with the launch of a high-protein, low-carb option that it says will expand the sluggish category by bringing in consumers who do not currently shop the segment. 

Jerky mix (meat + nuts + dried fruit) is the hot new category in high-protein snacking, says Dick Stevens

North Carolina-based brand Dick Stevens is looking for a slice of the action in the burgeoning high-protein-snacks market with a novel ‘jerky mix’ product combining meat, nuts and fruits in a paleo-friendly grab & go product that creates a new sub-sector of the meat-snacks category.

Cooksimple meal kits aim to “revitalize” the grocery store center aisles as a healthy destination

The CEO of the startup The Healthy Pantry hopes Cooksimple, a healthier, modernized take on iconic meal kits will revitalize the center of the grocery store, which he compared to the “ghetto.”

NAMI: Ten pounds of beef provides more complete nutrition than 10 pounds of rice

North American Meat Institute slams 'flawed' and 'nonsensical' advice on meat consumption in DGAC Dietary Guidelines report

Recommendations in the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) report on meat consumption are “flawed” and “nonsensical” and fail to recognize the role that nutrient dense lean meats can play in a healthy balanced diet, says the North American Meat Institute (NAMI).

What's for breakfast? Reinventing the first meal of the day

Consumers prefer homemade breakfast to ready-to-eat packaged goods, Datassential found

When it comes to breakfast, the vast majority of Americans want something quick and easy at home, but surprisingly most people prefer to make their first meal of the day “from scratch” instead of consuming a ready-to-eat or heat-and-serve consumer packaged good, according to Datassential research. 

The meat market must address price, safety & health concerns to grow

The U.S. meat market is projected to grow 1.7% annually to $84 billion in 2018, but to reach its full potential it must overcome challenges, including concerns about price and safety and increasing consumer interest in plant-based foods, according to a new report from market analysis firm Canadean. 

Stagnant wage growth continues to restrict grocery purchases, IRI says

Consumers likely will not loosen their purse strings to fill their grocery carts with premium or unnecessary foods any time soon, even though gas prices, unemployment and inflation are down, according to IRI’s MarketPulse survey published Feb. 4

What's for breakfast? Re-inventing the first meal of the day

Eggs remain a breakfast constant, but how they are served is changing, AEB says

The iconic “all-American breakfast” combination of eggs, meat and a carb is getting an update to better reflect the increasingly diverse U.S. population, but consumers’ growing expectation to customize their food means what is hot in one region likely is not in another, according to research compiled by the American Egg Board. 

Improved packaging, natural ingredients will help frozen foods hold their own

Sales of frozen foods will hold their own in the next few years despite increased competition from retailers selling more ready-made foods and consumer preference for fresh ingredients, according to Packaged Facts. 

Jon Sebastiani: 'It was always going to be a bittersweet moment'

KRAVE Jerky founder on why he teamed up with Hershey: 'I like speed. I like things to happen big and bold and fast'

The day when any entrepreneur decides to sell his business is “always bittersweet” KRAVE jerky founder Jon Sebastiani tells FoodNavigator-USA. But joining a company with the horsepower of Hershey will enable it to lead, rather than follow, the renaissance in the meat snacks market.

Hershey bites into premium meat snacks market with acquisition of KRAVE jerky

Hershey has moved into the premium end of the meat snacking market with the acquisition of Sonoma, CA-based gourmet jerky maker KRAVE Pure Foods for an undisclosed sum.

China bans all US poultry imports after west coast bird flu outbreak

Chinese authorities have announced a ban on all imports of US poultry and egg products, including processed and unprocessed products and breeding stock, after the detection of avian flu in America’s pacific states.

Meat without murder: How commercially viable is lab-grown meat?

Lab-grown meat could solve many of the world’s environmental problems, says the co-founder of an Israeli non-profit organisation studying the feasibility of mass-produced cultured chicken meat.

5 street foods influencing restaurants, CPG products

Authentic street foods with international roots that were traditionally eaten outside as make shift meals by laborers are coming inside and appealing to a wider variety of people as more consumers favor fast food over home cooking, according to Packaged Facts. 

Crowd-funding website Indiegogo helps start-ups, like Chef’d, get to market faster

Start-up meal kit delivery service Chef’d is able to raise much-needed capital to launch and at the same time work out the kinks in its operations, production and delivery by working with the crowd-funding website Indiegogo.

Weight management and digestive wellness will heavily influence food purchases in 2015

Consumer desire to effectively manage their weight and improve their health through food will continue to influence new product development and sales in 2015, according to New Nutrition Business, a food- and nutrition-focused market research firm. 

NPD watch: Green tea cereal, meat bars and bread for women

Antioxidant-rich cereals, protein-packed snack bars and bread tailored to women’s nutritional needs were just some of the product innovations identified by Datamonitor Consumer during 2014.

Cornell Food Systems Global Summit

Wegmans teams with local businesses to provide more organic options

Wegmans Food Markets is partnering with local farmers and businesses based in the New York state region to meet consumers’ growing demand for more fresh, organic options, according to a top executive. 

Rabobank: Agri commodity prices expected to trend lower or remain stable in 2015

Agri commodity process will trend lower or remain stable in 2015, predicts Rabobank, which says favorable growing season conditions through 2014 coupled with moderate consumption growth have improved stocks of crops including soybeans, corn and cocoa.

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