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 Latest consumer trends & market trends, from gluten-free to single-serve coffee


How big is the gluten-free market? What percentage of coffee is now sold in a K-Cup? How are food brands using social media to engage with consumers? Stay up speed with the latest consumer trends and market developments here.

New products gallery: Ruby Rockets launches snack tubes, algae inspires the VeganEgg, and Kellogg serves up breakfast-to-go

From plant-based ‘snack tubes’; to the VeganEgg, snackable breakfast options, and kale & potato chips; check out FoodNavigator-USA’s gallery of new products hitting US shelves this fall/winter.

Beverage trendwatching gallery: Smartwater sparkles, Mtn Dew heads to the dark side & Tio Gazpacho gets fruity

From vinegar-based sodas to caffeinated yogurt drinks, high-protein nut milks and yet more alkaline waters, check out FoodNavigator-USA's gallery of new beverage launches hitting US shelves this fall/winter.

Pinnacle Foods expands presence in natural channel with $975 million acquisition of Boulder Brands

Long-anchored in the conventional channel’s center-store with iconic brands such as Hungry Man and Wishbone, Pinnacle Foods’ $975 million acquisition of Boulder Brands gives it a better foothold in the...

CEO: 'The center of the store is not generating the kind of performance that we would like'

New CEO at The Fresh Market to cut prices, reinvent center of store, launch loyalty scheme

The Fresh Market can be fixed, but it’s going to have to cut prices of key-value-items (KVIs), and “reinvent” the center of the store, says its new president and CEO...

Pasture-raised eggs help fuel industry “renaissance,” Handsome Brook Farm co-founder says

The egg industry is undergoing a “renaissance” as consumers increasingly turn their backs to conventional eggs from caged hens and reach instead for those from chickens raised with space to...

Companies, producers rise to meet consumer demand for animal welfare

Food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers are rising to meet the increasing consumer demand for humanely produced animal products – a trend which the American Humane Association celebrated last week...

Holland & Barrett results a bright spot for NBTY as it posts razor-thin overall sales gain in 2015

NBTY recorded $3.23 billion in net sales in its fiscal year ended Sept. 30, 2015. That total represented a razor-thin gain from the previous, disappointing year but nevertheless was a...

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

’Chups wants to take on Heinz by elevating ketchup beyond tomato

Heinz Tomato Ketchup has been an iconic staple in American diners and homes for more than 130 years, but Washington, DC-area startup ’Chups believes the condiment is long overdue for...

US retail sales of diet soda remain in freefall, reveals latest Nielsen data

Unit sales of diet soda are still falling at an alarming rate in the US retail market, with the latest Nielsen data (all channels including grocery, drug, mass, and c-stores)...

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

5 strategies to drive initial trial, create a new category from startup Element [Shrub]

Transparent advertising is essential for reaching modern consumers, but as the maker of Element [Shrub] discovered – knowing which facts to emphasize first is key to driving initial trial. 

Sweet Green Fields CEO: We are finally getting close to solving the stevia taste challenge

Not so long ago, pundits were predicting that the high-purity stevia extracts market would be worth a billion dollars as manufacturers ditched artificial sweeteners and embraced ‘all-natural’ alternatives. 

La Brea Bakery launches holiday giving campaigns, rolls out new products

'Tis the season for giving and La Brea Bakery is getting into the spirit (and onto consumers’ radars) with two campaigns focused on feeding those in need and those who...

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

The Sweet Farm taps into the rise of fermentation and food waste reduction to expand it is portfolio

Fermented foods and beverages are growing in popularity as consumers learn more about their health benefits – in turn opening the door for entrepreneurs like The Sweet Farm, which sells...

Splitting ConAgra Foods into two will 'enable each company to sharpen its strategic focus', says CEO

Just weeks after announcing its intention to sell its private label business to TreeHouse Foods, ConAgra Foods has unveiled plans to re-engineer itself again, this time by separating into independent...

Cobram Estate will enter US to fill what it says is a void in high quality, extra virgin olive oils

Award winning Australian olive oil manufacturer Cobram Estate in February will extend its reach into the competitive US market, which it says suffers a dearth of high quality, extra virgin...

Whipstitch Capital: All of the large CPG companies are trying to figure out how to run venture and incubation programs

General Mills coughed up a cool $820m to buy Annie’s last year. But it has also signaled its intention to invest in brands at an earlier stage in their development...

'We’re selling products you won’t find in big box retail stores or on Amazon'

Hatchery: Consumers are increasingly looking for quality products made by small companies and passionate people, not large corporations

Consumers are increasingly enthusiastic about discovering ‘small-batch’ foods from artisanal producers, while growing numbers of small producers are looking for other avenues beyond traditional retailers to get their wares to...

News in brief

Strong pulse: UN’s International Year of Pulses targets trade boost

The United Nations (UN) is promoting the nutritional benefits of pulses through a year-long initiative.

Anti-egg campaign wants 2015 Dietary Guidelines to retain recommendation to limit cholesterol

In an effort to maintain the current Dietary Guideline recommendation to restrict cholesterol intake, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Nutrition has launched an aggressive public health campaign against eggs, which...

Market forecast

Will chewing gum recover from sticky patch? Technavio releases five-year forecast

Market research firm Technavio has unveiled its predictions for the global gum market up to 2019.

GALLERY: Is fat really back (and if so, what kind)?

Protein is hot, sugar is public enemy #1, and fat is back (so the trend-watchers say). But when it comes to good, bad and ugly fats, does everyone agree on...

Experts weigh in on emerging CPG package trends and when to use photos instead of windows

Clear windows on packaged foods and beverages seem to be all the rage right now as manufacturers try to literally meet consumer desire for transparency and authenticity – but a...

Unhealthy snacks heavily advertised to children: UConn study

A study claims that while snacks in schools are getting healthier, snack companies are still targeting children with unhealthy snacks.

On- and offline retail channels offer startups different paths to success, NatureBox CEO says

Online retail of food and beverage may be small now, but it is slowly gaining traction in the US – providing start-ups struggling to get their foot in the door...

Avoid alienating consumers when going non-GMO by maintaining price & taste, says San-J

Becoming non-GMO certified can help brands attract new consumers and boost sales, but it also could alienate existing shoppers if manufacturers are not careful, cautions Asian sauce maker San-J.

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