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 Latest consumer trends & market trends, from gluten-free to single-serve coffee


How big is the gluten-free market? What percentage of coffee is now sold in a K-Cup? How are food brands using social media to engage with consumers? Stay up speed with the latest consumer trends and market developments here.

Back to the Future? Ferrara engages millennials in the confectionery aisle with focus on gummy, chewy, spicy, and sour

While we’re often told that millennials are rejecting the brands their parents grew up with, the same rules don’t necessarily apply in the candy aisle, notes the CEO of Ferrara...

Vermont Creamery’s aged goat cheese: ‘leap of faith’ turned growth engine

When Vermont Creamery debuted aged goat cheese 15 years ago, almost no one in the U.S. had heard of this French-style cheese with its telltale wrinkly rind and creamy interior....

60-second interview: Kevin Brennan, CEO, Quorn

Quorn growing 30% YoY in the USA, says CEO

Meat & dairy alternatives are hot right now, if VC interest in Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Kite Hill and Hampton Creek, plus the recent acquisitions of Vega, So Delicious and...

Which new food and beverage products had the highest purchase intent scores in September?

With holiday season approaching, pumpkin spice features heavily in the September edition of Instantly's shelf score ranking of new products. However, the top new product based on purchase intent scores...

JUST Water opts for a carton to package “ethically sourced” spring water

Yet another packaged water company eschews plastic in favor of a paper carton to help it stand out in the crowded category.

TPP trade agreement ‘good news' for US confectioners: SUA president

The recent finalization of the Trans Pacific Partnership is good news for confectioners and sugar-using manufacturers across the US, according to Rick Pasco, president of Sweetener Users Association (SUA).

Nestlé adds fruits & veggies and cuts sodium, sugar & fat to help create “better food environment”

With products in 97% of US households, Nestlé claims it is well positioned to help shape a “better food environment” by reformulating products with less fat, sugar and sodium and launching...

Disrupting the food industry with a killer app? Food, technology, and managing expectations at Bon Appétech

Can a bunch of food-tech start-ups really ‘fix the broken food system’, feed 9bn people by 2050 and ‘disrupt’ the food industry with a killer app? Maybe, but they might...

Trans Pacific Partnership conclusion on dairy 'far from perfect,' says Fonterra

Fonterra has blamed the "entrenched protectionism" of the US dairy sector for the "far from perfect" conclusion to Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. 

Kite Hill rolls out cultured nut milk yogurts at Whole Foods nationwide

Kite Hill - the plant-based brand on a mission to disrupt the dairy case - has moved beyond cheese with the launch of a cultured almond milk yogurt at Whole...

What will ditching artificial ingredients really do for big CPG brands?

While ditching ‘artificial’ ingredients may not transform the fortunes of flagging legacy brands, consumer survey data from Instantly suggests it may give consumers a warmer and fuzzier feeling about them,...

Consumable purchases are down due partly to “self-inflicted wounds,” TABS Group says

Consumer purchases of packaged food and beverages in key major categories are down substantially from a year ago due partly to demographic shifts, but mostly because of “self-inflicted wounds” by retailers and...

How are the top 100 CPG brands performing? Not very well, say Catalina, TABS Group

Why are the top 100 CPG brands underperforming in most of the categories in which they operate?

If you needed further proof that bigger does not correlate with better in the CPG market, a new report from digital marketing expert Catalina reveals that the top 100 brands...

TruSweets CEO sees growth opportunities for organic confections

As demand for natural colors and flavors increases, so too does the sales opportunity for the relatively unknown and underdeveloped organic candy segment, according to a leading executive in the...

How ‘progressive consumers’ are redefining health and wellness… and is fat really back?

While cynics observe that biodynamic cane sugar is still sugar, and gourmet Himalayan pink salt is still good old sodium chloride, it’s a fact that trends which might seem to...

Expo East in review

Uncle Matt’s Organic seeks to restore orange juice’s status with functional ingredients

Once a breakfast staple in most American homes, orange juice has fallen out of favor in recent years as consumers try to cut carbs, calories and sugar. But premium juice...

Expo East in review

Snack spotting at Expo East turns up paleo muffins, veggie treats, on-the-go nut butter & more

With snacking replacing more meals in the US, manufacturers are responding with a variety of fast, on-the-go options that are packed with nutrients, protein, fiber and energy.

Entrepreneurs to watch

5 tips for a successful Kickstarter campaign from grass fed meat delivery startup Butcher Box

One key to a successful Kickstarter campaign is to create “stretch goals” that incentivize existing backers to find more investors to help unlock additional rewards, advises Michael Salguero, founder of...

Expo East in review

Mediterra expands its savory bar portfolio, welcomes competitors to the nascent category

For years the nutrition bar category was mostly limited to sweet flavors, but now that is changing, thanks in part to Mediterra – a pioneer in making savory snack bars. 

Cargill: 'This opens up a new space and helps us address a market we can’t get to today from the leaf'

Next generation Reb D + M to debut at Supply Side West: 'It performs exceptionally well in diet soda'

Cargill and Evolva will introduce their hotly-anticipated ‘next-generation’ Reb D and Reb M sweetener – produced via fermentation rather than from the stevia leaf – at the Supply Side West...

Solazyme unveils Thrive, the first culinary algae oil in the market and its first consumer food brand

Microalgae specialist Solazyme has moved into the consumer packaged goods (CPG) arena with the launch of Thrive, a culinary oil from algae that will make its debut at upmarket grocer...

Part 2: One-on-one with The Tea Council of the USA on Emerging Trends

Increased innovation needed to further drive tea sales in the US

Sales of tea in the US are booming, but the industry still faces tough competition and must continue to innovate to capture a larger “share of throat,” according to Peter...

Expo East in review

Distinctions in yogurt, kefir abound at Expo East

The yogurt category continues to evolve and expand with more refined varieties, including yogurt from sheep, goats and grass fed animals, as well as lactose free options. The kefir category...

As seaweed snacks gain popularity, they present a chance to get in at ground level, expert says

Seaweed snacks are riding a rising tide in the U.S. with sales swelling between $250 million and $500 million in 2014, according to an industry trends expert.

Food Vision USA: How do you maintain a challenger brand mentality as a mainstream player?

‘Challenger’ brands – anarchic, agile brands which disrupt established categories – are Davids outmaneuvering industry Goliaths. And Chobani is probably the perfect example, going from zero to a billion dollars...

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