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Fancy Food Show

Fancy Food Show

At $88.3bn in 2013, the size of the US specialty food prize is already mouthwatering, and if current trends continue (sales grew 9.6% in 2012 and 8% in 2013), it will blast through the $100bn barrier in 2014. But which categories are growing most rapidly? Stay up to date with our trend-spotting updates from the Winter and the Summer Fancy Food Shows, held in San Francisco and New York.

Try The World: ‘You won’t need to go grocery shopping anymore except for your fresh ingredients’

Co-founder of Try The World David Foult was surprised about how well his company’s product, a subscription box and online marketplace with goods from all around the world, is doing...

Hoboken Farms’ premium marinara builds buzz and brand awareness by being sold out

For most manufacturers, an inability to keep product on the shelf consistently would be considered bad for business, but for Hoboken Farms, the maker of three marinara sauces with a...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Mocktails Beverages debuts single-serve bottles, new packaging to expand product appeal, use

Mocktails Beverages now offers its all-natural, ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic cocktails in individual sized bottles to better serve millennials who the company’s president, Bill Gamelli, says are changing their approach to alcohol. ...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Lotito Foods’ Folios could revolutionize how consumers use cheese

Consumers walking down the dairy aisle at a typical grocery store see a wide variety of cheese formats – from blocks to bricks to strings to shakers – but now...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Bourbon & whiskey shine in foods as well as cocktails

America’s long love-affair with whiskey and bourbon in classic cocktails made popular again by Mad Men and the craft-movement is now spilling over into food, with products across categories featuring...

The Summer Fancy Food Show

Children’s snacks are ‘complete white space’ for paleo products, says exec from The New Primal

As the primal or paleo trend continues to mature, subscribers are no longer restricted to fitness enthusiasts and CrossFitters who served as ground-zero for the diet, according to Jason Burke,...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Manufacturers use quinoa for added nutrition, texture, color and function

Manufacturers have long-embraced quinoa for its many nutritional benefits, but at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City in late June it became apparent that increasingly they also...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Numi Organic Tea rides rising wave of turmeric’s & matcha’s popularity

Matcha and turmeric continue to rise in popularity as consumers and manufacturers embrace the ancient ingredients for their health benefits, unique flavor profiles and brilliant colors. 

The Summer Fancy Food Show

Pumpkin moves beyond spice to become key ingredient featured in products all year

A walk across the Summer Fancy Food Show floor in late July in New York City reveals that America’s love affair with pumpkin spice is continuing but also evolving to...

US specialty food sales topped $120bn in 2015, now account for 14.1% of total food sales

US specialty food sales* topped $120bn in 2015, are growing four times faster than the rest of the food market, and now account for 14.1% of all food sales (retail...

From Bakkwa to Cabernayzyns: A video tour of the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

From Cabernayzyns (dried Cabernet grapes) to bakkwa, a meat snack sold in street markets in Singapore and Malaysia that's just hit the West Coast of the US, the Winter Fancy...

EPIC Provisions co-founder: Why not start your day with bone broth instead of coffee?

Does bone broth have mass market appeal, and if so, what’s the best format to package it in, and where is the best place to put it in store? FoodNavigator-USA...

IN PICTURES: Beverage trendspotting at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

From bone broth, birch water and yaupon tea to macadamia milk, the Winter Fancy Food Show is a great place to go beverage trendspotting. FoodNavigator-USA hit the showfloor at the...

KRAVE founder on his incubation plans: 'The hardest million to make is the first million'

KRAVE Jerky founder Jon Sebastiani - who sold his business to Hershey last year – has already identified some entrepreneurs he hopes to mentor – and fund – as part...

FoodNavigator-USA’s 10 most popular articles of 2015

Gluten-free Cheerios, Soylent, trendspotting, the rise of veganism, and lawsuits: All of these made the top 10 most read articles on FoodNavigator-USA, but what was #1?

Summer Fancy Food Show

NonGMO verification opens retailers’ doors for I Heart Keenwah’s puffs and cluster snacks

Earning the NonGMO Project verification for every product in the I Heart Keenwah line was a “frustrating” and “taxing” year-long process, but it was worth it, said the company’s president...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Failure can be essential for success – if handled correctly, executives say

Nobody likes to fail, but in most businesses it is inevitable, and when addressed correctly, it can be a critical element to a company’s long term success, according to food...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Cocktail mixers from fruity to bitter showcase at Summer Fancy Foods

As craft cocktails grow in popularity, so too are bars’ and consumers’ shopping lists to include a laundry list of necessary specialty ingredients. To help simplify professional and home mixologists’...

Summer Fancy Food Show

More players are entering the drinkable soup category, which one says is the next big thing

The founder of Tio Gazpacho, a front runner in the drinkable soup segment, welcomes to the nascent category several newcomers that he hopes will help validate the new food concept...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Subscription snack boxes are a cost-effective alternative to in-store demonstrations

Subscription snack boxes can be a cost effective alternative to in-store demonstrations, which often are viewed as a golden standard for driving initial product trial and gathering consumer feedback.

Summer Fancy Food Show

Simply Gum offers all-natural, high-end alternative to conventional products

New York-based start-up Simply Gum offers consumers an elegant, all natural alternative to conventional chewing gums, many of which the company founder says include plastic and other synthetic ingredients.

Summer Fancy Food Show

U.S. tea sales climb as consumers seek healthy drinks & new flavors

Sales of tea in the U.S. are growing quickly as more Americans are drawn to the beverage for its health benefits, rich history and artisanal qualities, according to industry stakeholders....

Summer Fancy Food Show

New formats help make broccoli more snackable

Broccoli is one of the stereo-typically most hated vegetables from childhood, but now it is emerging as one of the hottest trends in snacking with new formats that promise to...

Summer Fancy Food Show

New takes on sriracha offer enhanced sauces and snacks

Sriracha, the garlicky, hot chili sauce made popular by Huy Fong Foods, Inc., no longer is confined to the green-lidded bottle with a distinctive rooster on the front. Several companies...

Hartman Group: Pleasure & distinction bigger drivers than health for premium products

The premium food opportunity: When are US consumers most likely to trade up?

While more premium brands from KRAVE to Noosa are being snapped up by big food companies and private equity firms, not every CPG category has the potential to be driven...

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