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Food labeling and marketing

Food labeling and marketing

Manufacturers use numerous tools for positioning their products on the market, including on-pack symbols and claims, innovative advertising campaigns, and social media. The focus of food marketers may be firmly on the bottom line - but they are under increasing pressure to keep an eye on ethics too.

A medicated patch & hypoallergenic peanuts reduce the nut’s allergy threat

Two new treatments – one for people and one for peanuts – could significantly reduce the potentially life-threatening risk the legumes pose to the 2.8 million Americans who are allergic to them. 

Meal replacement regulation should consider consumers not just science: SNE

Any new regulation on total meal replacements should consider consumer expectations of taste and cost, not just science, says trade group Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE).

Florida consumer drops false advertising lawsuit v Hampton Creek over Just Mayo

A Florida consumer accusing Hampton Creek Foods of falsely advertising its Just Mayo spread has dropped her lawsuit against the company, her attorney has confirmed.

Most consumers spend majority of grocery budget on packaged foods, CivicScience finds

Consumers may talk big game about buying more fresh foods, but most still spend the majority of their grocery budget on packaged, prepared foods, new research from CivicScience reveals. 

General Mills to remove artificial ingredients from cereals by 2017

General Mills will remove all artificial flavors and colors from its breakfast cereals across the US over the next two to three years.

Artizone gives small food providers a digital hand with marketing & distribution

Artizone, an online hybrid of a farmer’s market and an incubator, offers very early stage food and beverage startups a convenient way to market, sell and distribute within their communities,...

Pope Francis weighs into the GMO debate

Pope Francis has weighed into the debate over GM crops, arguing that while he doesn’t believe there is any “conclusive proof that GM cereals are harmful to human beings”, he...

Has FDA's determination on PHOs provided ammo for new wave of class action lawsuits over trans fats?

While the FDA has given the food industry until June 2018 to phase out partially hydrogenated oils, its June 16 final determination that PHOs are not GRAS (Generally Recognized as...

Lawsuit over ‘100% natural’ claims on Nectresse monk fruit sweeteners to proceed

Johnson & Johnson’s Nectresse monk-fruit-based sweeteners were discontinued late last year owing to disappointing sales. However, a lawsuit challenging the products’ claims to be ‘100% natural’ is still very much...

What are the hottest dairy trends – and companies - to watch in 2015?

What are the hottest new trends in dairy? Grass-fed everything? A whole milk renaissance? High-protein kefir? Quark? And what’s next after Greek yogurt?  

Vision Critical’s Insight Communities help large CPGs protect market share from startups

New software from Vision Critical aims to help large consumer packaged goods companies protect their market share from nimble startups by facilitating a two-way dialogue with consumers in real time...

FDA revokes GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils; allows food industry to file petition to permit specific uses

As widely expected, the FDA has finalized plans to revoke the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in a bid to eradicate artificial trans fats...

Ingredients made via synthetic biology won’t qualify for Non-GMO Project verified stamp

Food ingredients produced using ‘synthetic biology’ techniques – such as Evolva's vanillin, which is made from genetically engineered baker’s yeast - do not qualify for the Non-GMO Project Verified stamp, says...

Cheese could be the next health food, industry expert suggests

The tide may be changing for cheese, as science helps re-position the dairy food as a protein-dense, calcium-rich, healthy snack rather than as a high-fat and -sodium food to be...

Whole Foods defends its prices and explains source of new value chain's savings

Executives are aggressively defending Whole Foods Market’s high prices, even as they tout the potential cost-savings for the consumers at the retailer’s newly named value chain.

Kashi agrees to pay up to $3.99m to settle 'all-natural' lawsuit; Campbell Soup under fire over Prego labels

New developments in three high-profile false advertising lawsuits underline the risks associated with making ‘all-natural’ claims on foods made with genetically engineered ingredients, with Kashi and Karlin Foods agreeing to...

Judge to FDA: When are you going to make a decision on evaporated cane juice labeling?

A federal judge in California has asked the FDA whether it is planning to clarify its position on evaporated cane juice (ECJ) labeling any time soon as confusion over whether...

Online snack subscription service NatureBox to expand to physical retail

The successful online snack subscription delivery service NatureBox wants to build brand awareness and drive more consumers to shop online by moving into the physical retail realm. 

Consumers increasingly value animal welfare and seek out retailers, CPGs that do, too

Consumer concern about animal welfare is rising to a level that retailers – and by extension CPG manufacturers and suppliers – can no longer ignore, according to new research by...

Coolhaus combined the power of multiple retail channels to fuel fast growth

Direct-to-consumer marketing through food trucks and fast casual restaurants can efficiently generate brand awareness and consumer trial of new food and beverage products, but to build brand longevity and business...

Millennials might not be the trendsetters marketers think, CivicScience research shows

Targeting millennials in an effort to reach adventurous, trendsetting consumers who will adopt and evangelize new products early will only get marketers a third of the way to their goal,...

Cross-promoting center-store items with produce could boost sales, FMI study finds

Manufacturers could boost the struggling sales of shelf-stable products sold in the center of the store by co-branding and merchandising them with related, high-velocity produce, sales of which are outpacing...

Winston Lee: 'We're caramelizing milk and sugar together and then culturing it'

Tarte Asian Yogurt CEO: 'Greek has 47% of the market; we’re going after the other 53%'

When Winston Lee started pitching Tarte Asian Yogurt to retailers three years ago, the market had already hit peak Greek, he says: “Buyers were already looking at what's next after...

Back to the Roots raises $2 million to develop new RTE products & growing kits

Back to the Roots want to go beyond providing consumers with packaged food that has a simple ingredient list – it wants to give them the exact recipe so they...

Jolt Energy Gum relaunches as category experiences sales resurgence

Sales of chewing gum are climbing again after several years of stagnation, likely due to evolving tastes and eating patterns, in addition to new product launches, according to IRI Worldwide.