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Demand for organic products is increasing, and about 81% of American families reported to be purchasing organic food at least some times, according to 2012 estimates from the Organic Trade Association. 

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Wild Oats to launch at Walmart - at prices 25% lower than rival organic products

Walmart has signaled its intention to get into organic food in a big way this week with plans to carry 100 Wild Oats organic products at a “new, more affordable...

Winder Farms CEO: Online grocers never failed because of lack of consumer demand, but because the business model wasn’t right

When Winder Farms CEO Mike Dutton first started tapping private equity firms for cash to support his online grocery shopping business, memories of Webvan (which went bankrupt in 2001) were...

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US organic retail sales worth $35bn in 2013, says USDA

US retail sales of organic products were worth $35bn in 2013, according to new data from USDA, which says it helped an additional 763 producers become certified organic in 2013,...

News in brief

Sambazon donates $50,000 to Whole Planet Foundation

Sambazon - the firm that made açai a household name in the US - has donated $50,000 to Whole Planet Foundation  to help fund microcredit for poverty alleviation worldwide. ...

Insights from Expo West 2014

From ancient wisdom to the new transparency: Trend spotting at Expo West

The natural products market continues to grow and achieve scale, reaching $150 billion last year and projected to hit $226 billion by 2018—with 68% of that coming from food and...

Chobani to launch organic Greek yogurt: ‘There was a gap in the market and we decided to act on it’

Chobani will make its first foray into the organic market later this year with the introduction of 32oz grass-fed multi-serve packs of its Greek yogurt.

Interview with Bobo's Oat Bars founder Beryl Stafford

Bobo’s oat bars at the crux of convenience, gluten-free

Ten years after Bobo’s Oat Bars first hit natural food store and coffee shop shelves in Boulder, CO, the now profitable cereal bar manufacturer is capitalizing on the parallel growth...

Veri Soda aims for sweet spot in US soda market with low-calorie organic carbonated soft drinks

Launching a new brand in the ultra-competitive US carbonated soft drinks market - which is facing well-documented problems right now - is notoriously tough, but the Dutch entrepreneur behind new...

News in brief

Who owns organic? PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestlé and General Mills…

A new chart compiled by Dr. Phil Howard  at Michigan State University reveals the extent to which multinational food and beverage firms now dominate the organic food and beverage market when it...

Organic grass fed cows may provide healthier beef, but consumers are not keen on taste: Study

Meat from grass-fed organic dairy steers may be of greater nutritional quality than conventionally raised steers, but falls below standard in overall consumer liking and flavour tests, according to research.

Blue Pacific secures non-GMO Project verification for most popular flavors: 'We wanted to be transparent'

Californian natural flavors firm Blue Pacific has joined a growing number of ingredients suppliers  to go through the Non-GMO Project Verified certification process.

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage maintains rapid pace of sales growth

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage has reported a 26% net sales increase year-over-year in its first quarter of fiscal 2014.  The company also recorded 10.6% comparable store sales growth, maintaining...

Truvia survey: Consumers want to manage calories, won’t give up favorite foods

A survey of American, British and French consumers by Truvia Natural Sweetener found that French consumers claim to eat the healthiest, while American and British consumers are more likely to...

GMO labeling push will propel organic market, Organic Monitor says

The struggle over GMO labeling will push the growth of certified organic products in the US in 2014, according to market research firm Organic Monitor.  And at least one major...

News in brief

US organic food market to grow 14% from 2013-18

Solid growth for the US organic food market is expected to continue until 2018, according to a new report that puts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% on the sector.

Whole Foods to drop Chobani in early 2014

Whole Foods said Wednesday it plans to dump Chobani as a yogurt supplier at the beginning of 2014, citing a number of reasons—primarily that it has become more selective in...

Organic milk higher in heart-healthy omega-3: US study

Organic milk contains significantly higher concentrations of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids compared to milk from conventionally-managed dairy cows, US researchers have found.

WhiteWave Foods enters produce aisle with Earthbound Organic acquisition

Consumer packaged food and beverage firm WhiteWave Foods has acquired organic food brand Earthbound Farm from its existing shareholders led by Kainos Capital and founders Drew and Myra Goodman, for...

Will 'all-natural' be phased out from product labels?

Amid mounting false advertising lawsuits and increased pressure from consumer advocacy groups, the future of the historically vague marketing term "natural" is in question.

Annies' $6 million plant acquisition will drive growth in all-important snack category, CEO says

Annies Inc. has announced the $6 million acquisition of a cracker and cookie plant in Joplin, MO that will more than triple the company’s volume in the important snacks segment.

Big Interview: Matt McLean, CEO of Uncle Matt's Organic

Uncle Matt's Organic outpaces competition in organic juice 'war of attrition'

From one pulp-free organic orange juice SKU in a regional Florida grocery store chain in 1999, Uncle Matt’s Organic is the oldest US organic juice company with 11 organic juice...

Survey reveals consumers want to avoid pesticides, but are unsure how label certifications help them do that

Whether a food product contains genetically modified organisms, and whether the disclosure of that information should be mandatory on the label has dominated public discourse in recent years.  But that...

Stonyfield packaging overhaul highlights absence of ‘toxic pesticides’

Organic yogurt maker Stonyfield is rolling out new packaging hammering home its organic credentials with a new logo featuring the phrase ‘no toxic pesticides used here’ following research suggesting 74%...

Less than 20% of consumers account for almost half of organic sales

Across the board, consumers are embracing natural and organic products more and more, with natural/organic retail sales reaching $81.3 billion in 2012, up 13.5% from the year before. 

Interview: Greg Estep, president, Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients (SVI)

Olam SVI boss: Incidents like Sudan 1 adulteration have changed the way manufacturers source raw materials

It’s tempting to think of spices and dehydrated vegetables as commodities - in comparison to say stevia, or omega-3s - where price is all that matters. But they are anything...

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