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Sodium reduction

Sodium reduction

Americans consume far more sodium than experts recommend - and with an estimated 75% of the average consumer's intake coming from packaged foods, industry has come under pressure to reformulate. Apart from compensating for the functional attributes of salt, the major challenge for manufacturers is to reduce sodium without reducing consumer flavor acceptance.

CDC report flags high sodium consumption among kids; we’re at the mercy of the food industry, RD says

More than 90% of children aged six to 18 consume on average 3,279 mg of sodium a day—well above the government’s recommendation of 2,300 mg or less per day, according...

Patent Watch

General Mills files patent for sodium-reduction via enhanced saltiness

General Mills has developed a method to enhance perceived saltiness using taste-modulating bioactive compounds, thus enabling sodium reduction.

Reformulation by stealth: Just 2% of new launches in salty snacks make overt sodium reduction claims

The vast majority of sodium reduction activity in the US food industry is now being conducted by ‘stealth’ in order to avoid alienating shoppers, according to Tate & Lyle.

Sodium still a concern, though down slightly: NPD Group

As the US Food and Drug Administration prepares to issue voluntary sodium guidelines for food manufacturers and restaurants, US consumers are demonstrating less concern about sodium intake and seeking it...

Industry to FDA: Think again before setting category-by-category sodium reduction targets

Two leading food industry associations have urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not to set category-by-category limits for sodium amid rumors that the agency is planning to outline a...

Handful of foods responsible for high sat fat, sodium intake in young kids: Nestle FITS

Specific foods consumed by young children are resulting in excessive intake of saturated fat and sodium in their daily diets, according to new findings from the 2008 Nestle Feeding Infants...

News in brief

Pepsi explores salt flavor modifiers with Senomyx; plans new 'made with real sugar' colas

San Diego-based flavor innovator Senomyx has entered into a collaborative agreement with PepsiCo to identify flavors with "modifying properties intended to restore the desired salty taste in products with reduced salt"....

‘Normal’ sodium intake range may be the healthiest: study

Despite that population-wide sodium reduction is often posed as the best solution for reducing cardiovascular disease (CVD) incidence, the current sodium intake of most of the world’s population is already...

No sugar reduction in Mondelēz health and wellness pledge

Mondelēz is to cut saturated fat and sodium by 10% by 2020, but suggests reducing consumer sugar intake is manageable with portion controlled products and education.

Decoding the future of healthy bakery

 Governments, NGOs and consumers are driving change in the bakery sector, but how can industry keep up? What’s the next direction for healthy bakery? And will this future need to...

CSPI: ‘Facts Up Front is a joke that should be roundly ignored by the FDA’

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has again urged the FDA to come up with its own mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labeling system and “ignore” the industry-backed, voluntary...

FDA’s proposed nutrition label changes emphasize calories, serving sizes

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing several changes to the nutrition labels on packaged foods and beverages. If approved, the new labels would place a bigger emphasis on total...

Nutrition label update: A tweak or an overhaul?

On Thursday the Obama administration unveiled the changes that the Food and Drug Administration drafted to the nutrition facts panel (see what the FDA is proposing here ). In anticipation of...

Nutrition, health and wellness drive Nestlé forward despite 'challenging' year

Shares in the world's biggest food company were down by around 2% this morning as Nestlé announced its slowest sales growth in four years and missed profit expectations for 2013. 

Is salt linked to obesity? Study links adolescent salt intake to obesity and inflammation

High intakes of salt throughout adolescence may be associated with levels of obesity and inflammation, regardless of calories consumed, say researchers.

General Mills files patent to cut salt and fat in dough

General Mills has filed a patent for salt-flavored fat particles that enable cost effective sodium reduction and fat replacement in baked dough products.

Thinking outside the box? H.U.M.A.N. moves beyond the vending machine to the ‘healthy micro-market’

The entrepreneur who proved that vending machines can dispense more than candy and soda and still make a decent return has taken the H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending concept to the next...

Consumers tolerate breads with as much as 30% less salt in university test

Bakers seeking to meet sodium reduction targets can take hope in new research conducted at Oregon State University that shows that consumers are willing to accept lower-salt breads and, if...

Regulation in 2014 PART TWO: The snack food and beverage industries grapple with increased transparency

The debate rages on over whether government should have a say in what consumers eat and drink, as the high-profile proposed cap on soda sizes brought the issue into the...

Six percent of strokes can be avoided by meeting sodium reduction recommendations: Study

Achieving salt intakes in line with the recommendations may reduce stroke cases by 6%, but many consuming are still consuming way too much, says a new analysis from The Netherlands.

Food labeling & litigation: What’s in store for 2014? Nutrition Facts, GMOs, natural claims, trans fats, GE salmon, whole grain statements

What might give the food and beverage industry's regulatory affairs teams sleepless nights in 2014? From more evaporated cane juice lawsuits to proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts panel, stay...

It’s jerky Jim, but not as we know it… How KRAVE Jerky reinvented the meat snacks category

Looking for a healthy snack that is low in fat and calories, high in protein and a bit more tantalizing for the taste buds than your average nutrition bar? Try...

Nestlé pledges to speed salt reduction

Nestlé has said it plans to accelerate its salt reduction strategy to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on salt consumption by 2025.

General Mills makes health gains across US categories

General Mills has improved the health profile of 73% of its U.S. retail sales volume since 2005, with more than 20% improvement in fiscal 2013 alone. 

FNCE 2013 highlights: Gluten-sensitivity, dairy and GHG emissions, energy drinks, portion sizes, GMOs, and what America eats for breakfast

From the risks and rewards of energy drinks to what Americans eat for breakfast, strategies to tackle mindless eating and the next generation of gluten-free foods, Houston was the place...

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