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The obesity problem

The obesity problem

Obesity rates have ballooned in the US in recent years – 15% of the population was obese in 1980, compared to more than a third of US adults today, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These swelling figures – along with the rising cost of healthcare for obesity-related diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease – have put pressure on government and industry to find a solution.

Trend toward higher protein doses to continue, but big tubs will still rule, consultant says

The trend toward high protein offerings shows no signs of losing steam. Innovation in protein sources and mixtures continues, but delivery mode innovation has not kept pace, at least not...

‘Crowdfunding Jedi’ takes on Soylent with Ambronite, the ‘world's first organic drinkable supermeal’

Food is fun, says the self-described ‘serial optimist’ and ‘crowdfunding Jedi’ behind 500-calorie vegan ‘drinkable supermeal’ Ambronite. But not every eating occasion can be an epic, Mediterranean-style gathering fueled by...

Sec. of Agriculture Vilsack calls on Congress to strengthen school lunches, access to breakfast

Preserving and strengthening the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which sets school lunch standards and makes free and reduced meals available to children, could lower the healthcare costs in the US...

Open innovation update: Unilever wants tools to provide a ‘radically new view’ of consumers; Kraft Heinz seeks new sustainable oil sources

Unilever is searching for radical new ways to understand what consumers really want, Kraft Heinz is looking for novel sources of sustainable oils, and Mondelez is on a mission to...

Berkeley soda sin tax isn’t serving its purpose, say economists

The first-ever US soda tax may not be going as well as expected, according to a recent study by economists.

New products gallery (breakfast, dinner, dairy): From oat-based savory sides to smoked basmati rice

From savory sides made with steel-cut oats from Grainful; to hip cottage cheese from good culture; sweet potato cereal from Kashi; and smoked basmati rice from Amira; check out FoodNavigator-USA’s...

More grab-and-go, high-protein breakfast items needed to fight chronic diseases, researcher says

New research showing high protein breakfasts can prevent weight gain, curb hunger pangs and stabilize glucose levels reveals unmet needs in the marketplace and opportunities for packaged food manufacturers, according...

Coca-Cola defends $1m gift to scientists who shift obesity blame away from soda

The Coca-Cola Company says it wants to set the record straight on its role in funding scientific research, after coming under fire for funding a program which says there is...

Snacks now comprise 50% of all eating occasions

Eating alone, continuous snacking and the slow death of the primary shopper: 10 things you need to know about the changing American consumer

American households - and eating habits - are changing, and food marketers need to catch up, says the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in its 2015 US Grocery Shopper Trends report....

Food brands, non profits offered chance to engage with hundreds of bloggers at upcoming event

An event in late September will bring natural and organic food brands and thought leaders together with hundreds of bloggers.  It’s the first such event of its kind, organizers said....

Fast food fever: Modern diets impact immune health of you and your kids

Modern ‘Western diets’ can lead to poor immune functioning and increased risk of inflammatory conditions, allergy, and auto-immunity, researchers warn.

Night snacking woes: Is food timing is key to weight loss?

There is a lack of top level evidence to support the notion that eating ‘little and often’ is beneficial for metabolism and weight loss, say researchers who warn that more...

The Hacker’s Diet: Should we be looking at nutrition like a computer nerd?

The age of Silicon Valley and Digi-everything has seen the dawn of a new diet trend: ‘Biohacking’.

FDA proposes including DV for added sugars on the Nutrition Facts panel

UPDATED: The FDA is proposing that manufacturers include a percent daily value (DV) for added sugar on the Nutrition Facts panel – set at 10% of total energy intakes (calories)...

NightFood spearheads creation of a healthy late-night snack subcategory

The makers of NightFood nutrition bars want to create a new subcategory of food that will help late-night snackers choose healthier options that could help them sleep better. 

Weathering the sugar storm: PepsiCo has faith in its portfolio

PepsiCo is confident it can weather the prospect of increased regulation around sugary drinks, saying it holds the key to success with its diverse portfolio.

Meal replacement regulation should consider consumers not just science: SNE

Any new regulation on total meal replacements should consider consumer expectations of taste and cost, not just science, says trade group Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE).

Kanbo International bets big on sucralose with new factory in China and intl HQ near Chicago

While Tate & Lyle has just announced plans to close its sucralose plant in Singapore, blaming industry overcapacity; rival Kanbo International is building a second factory in Dongying that will...

Memory based dietary assessment methods such as NHANES are “fundamentally and fatally flawed”, argues researcher

Diet-health inferences that rely on memory-based dietary intake surveys such as USDA’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) are “essentially meaningless”, argues a new study highlighting consistent disparities between...

Daily sugary drink habit linked to liver disease

Consumption of a sugar-sweetened drink on a daily basis may be associated with an increased risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), say researchers.

FOOD VISION USA: Which food & beverage companies are really driving innovation?

According to Nielsen data, 85% of new consumer packaged goods fail within two years, and big firms are no better - and often far worse - at picking winners than...

The Cookie Department aims to help children fight obesity with a healthy cookie alternative

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, the founder of The Cookie Department says he wants to “fight the good fight for anti-obesity” by marketing a vegan cookie to children and their...

Americans believe ‘preservatives / chemicals’ are significantly more harmful than added sugar, saturated fat and sodium, says new poll

A poll* of more than 4,200 US consumers conducted in April 2015 by CivicScience shows Americans believe that ‘preservatives / chemicals’ are significantly more harmful to their heath than added...

Nutritionist says science backs importance of carbohydrates for sports formulations

Has the low carb craze finally been consigned to the dustbin of history? Nutritionist Susan Kleiner, PhD thinks so, and it’s high time, she said.

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