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Facts up Front labels now on 90% of foods in some categories, says GMA as it launches new educational website

‘Facts Up Front’ icons now appear on 9 out of 10 products in some categories, with penetration highest in cereals, beverages and dry goods, said the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)...

Unilever spray oil lawsuit could hinge on quirk of California law, say lawyers

A false advertising class action lawsuit filed in California based on zero calories and  fat claims on Unilever’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray seems destined for the dustbin, unless the...

Researchers ask: What’s left to discover about trans fats?

Further research on artificial trans fat and heart health is not necessary, claim the authors of a new review – but there is a need for more research in several...

Almost no progress made in improving nutrition of kids' menus, report finds

Restaurant chains in the US have made little progress in recent years in improving the nutritional profile of their children’s menus according to a new report by the Center for...

New supplement claims to cut fat calorie absorption without nasty side effects

SOHO Flordis International, an Indonesian/Australian supplement and pharamceutical company, is bringing a fat-binding dietary supplement to market in North America under the Calorease brand name.  It promises to do what...

Canola oil study provides further evidence of benefits of MUFA-rich diet

While extra virgin olive oil is currently basking in positive PR in the wake of the recent PREDIMED study on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, canola’s nutritional credentials also...

Special edition: New trends in heart healthy foods

US sales of heart-friendly foods and beverages have grown 22% since 2007, says Euromonitor International

US sales of foods and beverages marketed on a cardiovascular health platform grew by 22% in the period 2007-2012 to top $3.1bn in 2012, according to Euromonitor International. 

Dispatches from the 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

Mediterranean diet cuts heart disease risk by 30%: 'Landmark’ study provides compelling evidence that it’s the type, not the level of fat, that counts for cardio health

People following an energy unrestricted plant-based diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts can reduce their risk of a major cardiovascular event by 30% compared with people following a...

Special edition: New trends in weight management

A conversation with Margo Wootan, CSPI: ‘On a good day, I think my job is totally do-able; on a bad day I feel completely overwhelmed’

With its flair for sound bites -‘soda is a slow-acting but ruthlessly efficient bioweapon’ - and its undisputed PR skills (remember those diabetic bears? ), the Center for Science in the...

Quantifying the fat: Different detection methods have conflicting results

Three main methods to determine fat levels in bakery show up conflicting results in the same commercial samples, say researchers who warn that measurement and labelling of fat may be...

FTC: Snacks marketed to kids showed ‘minimal or no improvements in nutrition from 2006 to 2009’

While there were small nutritional improvements in most foods marketed to children from 2006 to 2009, snacks promoted to kids “showed minimal or no improvements” while cereals targeting young people...

Americans are eating 10g less fat per day than they did in the late 1970s

On average, Americans are eating 10g less fat per day today than they were in the late 1970s, according to new research.

What changes should be made to the Nutrition Facts panel in 2013?

First it was scheduled for late 2011, then we were told it would be early 2012, and now it's going to be 2013. But at some point in the near...

JM Smucker: Misguided trans-fat lawsuits are forcing manufacturers to undergo ‘wasteful’ litigation

JM Smucker has urged a California judge to dismiss the third in a “trilogy of trans-fat lawsuits” it claims are just money-grabbing exercises “forcing food manufacturers to undergo wasteful, expensive...

Food industry continues to make trans-fat reduction progress: Survey

Efforts to reduce the trans-fat content of processed food are working to reduce national consumption levels, but some sections are still consuming high levels of the fats, says new survey...

General Mills, ConAgra: Processed food is not the enemy

Telling consumers - many of whom do not have the time, inclination or money to prepare meals from scratch - that they should steer clear of ‘processed’ foods and eat...

Big Interview: Dave McLaughlin, World Wildlife Fund

WWF: Industry should buy into GreenPalm today, or it will struggle to source fully traceable sustainable palm oil tomorrow

Food manufacturers are beginning to realize that buying more GreenPalm certificates now might be the only way to stimulate enough production of sustainable palm oil to make fully traceable products...

Special edition: Meat alternatives

Beyond soy: Where does Quorn fit into the meat alternatives market?

Quorn is outpacing rivals and bringing new consumers into a frozen meat alternatives category that has lost some momentum in recent years, claims its US boss.

Survey: If vegetable oil were re-labeled as soybean oil, more people would buy it

If vegetable oil were re-labeled to say 100% soybean oil, about one-third of consumers say they would be more likely to buy it, according to a new survey.

Bunge North American CEO: 'Who would have thought Bunge would be involved in cooking and kitchens a few years ago?'

Milled grains and edible oils specialist Bunge is now walking the talk when it comes to collaboration with the launch of a new state-of-the-art culinary center at its Ingredient Innovation...

In pictures: Bunge takes collaboration up a gear with state-of-the-art culinary center in Bradley, IL

Bunge has taken collaboration to a new level with the launch of a new state-of-the-art culinary center at its Ingredient Innovation Center for edible oils and carbohydrates in Bradley, Illinois....

To boldly go where no frying oil has been before... Monsanto unveils next generation high oleic soybean oil

The next generation of high oleic soybean oils will give the food industry a cost-effective and healthier alternative to partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (HVOs) with flavor and stability current alternatives...

Dispatches from IFT 2012 Las Vegas

IFT 2012 new product round-up: Salt and fat reduction

Salt and fat reduction and flavour masking are major trends among new products at the IFT 2012 trade show in Las Vegas.

The fastest growing label claims of 2011: From ‘economy’ to ‘gluten-free’

While ‘all-natural’ and ’no additives & preservatives’ were still among the most popular food and drink label claims in the US last year, the fastest growth was in economy, low/no/reduced...

Sugar becomes new bogeyman as fats take a back seat in new consumer survey

While consumer concerns about fats appear to have waned somewhat, the percentage of Americans blaming sugars for their expanding waistlines has almost doubled since last year, according to new research.

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