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What’s hot and what's not? Traditional fruits? Thai cuisine? New varieties of chili? Plant proteins? Smoke flavors? Find out what trends are making their way from the swankiest restaurants to the shelves at your local grocery store in this new section of FoodNavigator-USA designed to keep you up to date on everything from the rise of Greek yogurt to purple food.

Saga Dairy: We want to bring Icelandic yogurt to the mainstream

First came Siggi’s, then Smári Organics. But can the husband and wife team behind Saga Dairy (Viking Icelandic Yogurt) – the latest entrants to the niche, but growing ‘Icelandic-style’ yogurt...

Lux Research: Cost, speed & sustainability benefits of synthetic biology will make it a ‘permanent and growing aspect' of flavors market

Synthetic biology will become a “permanent and growing aspect of the flavors & fragrances landscape” predicts a new report from Lux Research, which says the approach is more sustainable than traditional...

Flavor Trends

Small, rotating flavor portfolios engage but don't overwhelm consumers, expert says

Increasingly adventurous consumers may say that they want a wide selection of flavors from which to select, but if manufacturers provide too many options they may actually deter shoppers, warns...

What will we be eating and drinking in 2016? From banana water to vodka that tastes like birthday cake

Elaine Watson caught up with Anton Angelich, group VP marketing at New York-based flavor house Virginia Dare, to get the lowdown on new flavor trends and product concepts, from rooibos-based tea...

Flavor Trends

General Mills will remove artificial colors, flavors from fruit snacks

General Mills seeks to lead the charge to remove artificial colors and flavors from artificial sources from the fruit flavored snack category, just as it is doing in the cereal...

Mushroom pioneer MycoTechnology secures $6.7m investment

MycoTechnology – which has developed a pioneering new food processing platform using mushroom roots (mycelium) – has secured $6.7m in a Series A round of financing, with a second round...

Garlic, onion, parsley, chili... and yogurt? Sweet & heat is a hot new trend, says Sensient

Americans are tucking into hotter and spicier fare by the day, but how is the trend evolving? And will savory yogurt take off? Elaine Watson caught up with Michael Swenson,...

Smart water bottle company Hidrate gets huge launch from Kickstarter

After successfully raising $627,644 from 8,015 supporters via Kickstarter, Minneapolis-based Hidrate Inc will launch its HidrateMe smart water bottle product in December.

Flavor Trends

Americans are united in their love for ice cream, but divided over their favorite flavors

The dog days of summer are here and to help cool off consumers are reaching for ice cream, which a recent Yahoo Food survey found is 41% of American’s favorite...

60-second interview: Greg Kaminski executive research chef, Synergy Flavors

What are the hottest flavor trends for 2015/16? From Shishito peppers to Marcona almonds

What's hot and what's not in the world of flavors? Elaine Watson caught up with Greg Kaminski, executive research chef at Synergy Flavors, to get the lowdown on Marcona almonds,...

News in brief

Target to provide more ‘locally relevant’ food & beverage brands

A key part of Target’s strategy to ‘reinvent’ its food offering will involve offering more local products, from specialty foods to craft beer, chairman and CEO Brian Cornell told analysts...

Hormel Foods’ balanced business model helps it overcome hit from avian flu

Hormel Foods “balanced business model” allowed it to raise its profit outlook by taking advantage of lower pork prices to offset sales losses in its turkey operation related to the...

Jerky is the ultimate high protein, low fat, low carb, healthy snack, says Oberto

Most Americans eat meat. But only a small percentage eats meat snacks. So does this disconnect simply reflect the fact that beef doesn’t pair too well with a mid-morning mocha-latte,...

New products gallery (breakfast, dinner, dairy): From oat-based savory sides to smoked basmati rice

From savory sides made with steel-cut oats from Grainful; to hip cottage cheese from good culture; sweet potato cereal from Kashi; and smoked basmati rice from Amira; check out FoodNavigator-USA’s...

Insect oil: Bugs aren’t just about protein

Is it time to look beyond insect protein to… insect oil? This is the next opportunity within edible bugs, says researcher.

New beverages gallery: From Soylent 2.0 to Bai Antiwater, FATwater, and tea lattes

From caffeine-free energy drinks and 'coffeehouse style' tea lattes to chia and greens drinks and ready-to-drink Soylent, check out FoodNavigator-USA's gallery of new beverage launches hitting US shelves this summer....

Flavor Trends

Consumers are demanding more sophisticated blends of hot spice and flavor, Kalsec study finds

As consumer demand for spicy food increases, it also is evolving beyond that for just eye-watering and mouth-burning heat to include a desire for more complex blends of pungent flavors,...

Miyoko’s Kitchen founder: ‘Artisanal vegan cheese will go mainstream in 5-10 years’

How about a glass of red wine, crackers… and some vegan cheese? If the prospect fills you with horror, says Miyoko’s Kitchen founder and TV chef Miyoko Schinner, you’re not...

Kashi develops 'overnight oats' cup and sweet potato cereal

Kashi's muesli to soak overnight and sweet potato cereal hit on important consumer trends and could take off, says one innovation expert.

Which new food and beverage products had the highest purchase intent scores in July?

Snacks dominate the July edition of Instantly's shelf score ranking of new products, with Reese's snack mix, Jif peanut butter & chocolate bars, and Clif's Berry Pomegranate Chia energy bars all notching...

Snacks now comprise 50% of all eating occasions

Eating alone, continuous snacking and the slow death of the primary shopper: 10 things you need to know about the changing American consumer

American households - and eating habits - are changing, and food marketers need to catch up, says the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in its 2015 US Grocery Shopper Trends report....

IFT Annual Conference

Innovative formulations could make insects more palatable

The next generation of food scientists is developing palatable and scalable products made with insect protein to help meet the growing global population’s increasing demand for protein.

Crunch-down: America’s top 10 best-selling snack bars

BakeryandSnacks has chewed over IRI data to compile a satisfying list of the top 10 best-selling US snack bars.

IFT Annual Conference

Fibers from food waste offer clean label option

Multifunctional fibers made from fruit and vegetable peals and pulps that would otherwise be thrown away can help manufacturers meet consumers’ growing demand for clean ingredient labels while also reducing...

IFT Annual Conference

Health benefits, convenient format drive sales of Matcha green tea

Matcha tea, known for its vibrant green hue, is hitting its stride in the U.S. where household penetration is currently low but sales are climbing double-digit year-over-year – representing significant...

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