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2012 Beverage industry retrospective

10 Days that Shook the Beverage World in 2012: Mayan Doomsday Countdown

Relive ten seismic days that shook the earth to its core in 2012, from health campaigners petitioning the UK health ministry over Coke, Pepsi and 4-MEI to Dr Pepper's run...

Trend spotting gallery: What’s hot and what’s not as we head into 2013?

From coconut water, to Greek yogurt, gluten-free, veggie proteins, dairy-alternatives, non-GMO and whole grains; what were the biggest trends of 2012, and what’s on the menu for 2013?

Ultra-discounting in extended US cereal portfolio unlikely, says General Mills

General Mills plans to introduce a host of new ready-to-eat cereal products to the US in 2013, but seems unlikely to heavily discount its range to line up with competitors.

News in brief

Homegrown: Sweet Green Fields to expand stevia crop in North Carolina and Georgia

Sweet Green Fields (SGF) plans to significantly expand its stevia crop in Georgia and North Carolina in 2013 in a bid to bolster supplies of American-grown stevia extracts.

2012 in food science: Is phosphorus the new trans-fat? HFCS, GMOs, organics, gluten sensitivity and measuring calories...

From new research into the relationship between excess dietary phosphorus and the risk of cardiovascular disease to questions over the accuracy of how we currently measure calories, 2012 was an...

Runaway Omega-3 beverage demand ‘can be scary’ – Virun CEO

Virun CEO Philip Bromley tells Ben Bouckley about the firm’s evolution from drug delivery technology into the beverage sphere, and explains that DHA and EPA Omega-3 oils dominate functional demands...

Gluten free ‘most popular approach to weight loss’ for 2013 (but it doesn’t work, say dietitians)

Despite strong evidence to the contrary, the belief that a gluten-free diet will help you lose weight and improve your health - even if you don’t have celiac disease -...

General Mills: ‘We expect to earn our fair share of the Greek yogurt segment over time’

General Mills has been making up lost ground in the fast-growing US Greek yogurt market, increasing its market share to 9% compared with less than 6% in early summer.

Gluten-free festive bake-off: Quality vs nutrition has put together a ‘festive bake-off’ scouring all the science and research from 2012 on gluten-free products to see how efforts to improve quality and up nutrition compare.

Suspension of NPA MarketPlace symptom of changing trade show landscape

New Hope Natural Media’s decision to suspend the NPA MarketPlace show for 2013 is symptomatic of changes in the trade show industry across all markets since the financial collapse of...

News in brief

ConAgra Foods: ‘We expect volume trends to continue to improve’

Marie Callendar’s and Healthy Choice maker ConAgra Foods said it expects volumes trends to improve in the coming months, as it posted second quarter results ahead of analysts’ expectations.

Are all foods linked to cancer? Yes … but don’t worry, say researchers

There is evidence linking almost every food or ingredient to cancer, but don’t worry because the evidence for pretty much all of it is very weak, say researchers.

Value engineering: Better food structure and improved ingredient delivery can reduce costs

Techniques employed by industry to slash levels of salt, fat and sugar in food could be better utilised to cost effectively manage the levels of other expensive ingredients in foods.

The recalls that have hit the headlines in 2012

Recalls of 2012: A recap

This year has been quite eventful for recalls of food and beverage products, some due to foodborne contamination and others due to packaging faults.

2012 in business... Kraft's split, ConAgra's buying spree, Kellogg snaps up Pringles and BPI decimated by 'pink slime' slurs

2012 was a roller coaster ride for the food industry, with Kraft and Sara Lee engaging in some serious corporate re-engineering, ConAgra finally getting its hands on Ralcorp, and Kellogg...

2012 in the dock ... From all-natural class action chaos to Prop 37, FSMA and POM vs FTC

With a class action lawsuit filed almost weekly against firms making 'all-natural' claims, growing concerns over energy drinks, the specter of GMO labeling and new developments in the high profile...

Frito-Lay technology slashes potato chip oil content by a third

Frito-Lay North America has filed an international patent for a method it has developed to reduce the oil content of potato chips by around a third.

News in brief

American Sugar Alliance: ‘The country is swimming in sugar’

Sugar prices in the US have fallen more than 40% since last summer and are now at “dangerously low levels for producers who are facing ever-increasing input costs”, according to...

What changes should be made to the Nutrition Facts panel in 2013?

First it was scheduled for late 2011, then we were told it would be early 2012, and now it's going to be 2013. But at some point in the near...

Special edition: Reformulation

'Rollercoaster of pricing and availability' for key ingredients driving reformulation solutions: Ingredion

Increases in the price of key ingredients, or widely fluctuating prices, are driving reformulation efforts in the industry, with suppliers like Ingredion offering solutions to replace ingredients and cut costs.

5-minute festive flick

Happy holidays from William Reed Business Media!

The working year is almost done, time to pause from ‘the business’ and embrace the festive season…go on, give it a big hug. Happy holidays!

Diamond posts Q1 loss after walnut scandal

Kettle Chips maker Diamond Foods has recorded a $10.7m loss in the first quarter of 2013 after incurring expenses for an investigation into improper payments to walnut growers.

Guest article

General Mills: We’ll only solve global food security challenge if we embrace open innovation

Can we feed nine billion people by 2050? Only if we embrace the principles of open innovation, says Jeff Bellairs, senior director of the General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN) ,...

Patent Watch

Hershey develops pill-like film coating for confectionery

Hershey has filed a patent for an alternative to conventional coating and robing of confectionery products that uses film coating normally used to encase medical pills.

How vulnerable is your supply chain? Food defense, FSMA, Big Brother and virtual ‘hot zones’

Stopping a truly determined bioterrorist - or just a disgruntled employee - from maliciously tampering with a high-profile food brand will always be extremely difficult.

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