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Natural claims

Natural claims

Consumers, the marketers all tell us, want foods that are ‘wholesome’, ‘authentic’, and above all ‘natural’, although few of them can articulate what this means. And they are not alone. Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic have not had a good stab at defining ‘natural’ either. And into this vacuum, have stepped lawyers - a lot of them. Class action lawsuits alleging consumers are being misled by 'all-natural' claims now being filed in California on almost a weekly basis. Keep up to date with all the latest developments in this new section of FoodNavigator-USA.

Quaker Oats targeted in ‘100% natural’ lawsuit over glyphosate; but case ‘is a stretch’ for plaintiff’s bar, say attorneys

If your product contains even trace levels of pesticide residue, and you are calling it '100% natural', are you at risk of a false advertising lawsuit? Complaints filed vs Quaker...

Nearly three-quarters of families make an effort to buy organic food, OTA survey reveals

Buying organic is a top priority for many American parents, especially when it comes to the food they feed their children, according to new research form the Organic Trade Association. ...

What next for 'natural' claims? KIND urges court to leave issue with the FDA

Snack maker KIND – which faced a wave of false advertising lawsuits* last year over its use of the terms ‘healthy’ and ‘all-natural’ – has urged a New York court...

11th hour reprieve from the courts or from Congress increasingly unlikely

Bounty hunters could come after you from day one if you are not compliant with Vermont GMO labeling law, warns attorney

Private litigants, or so-called ‘bounty hunters’, may start targeting food manufacturers over alleged violations of Vermont’s new GMO labeling law from day one (July 1), lawyers at Hogan Lovells have...

FTC action casts more doubt over usefulness of 'all natural' claims

The Federal Trade Commission has taken action on natural claims, something which should make dietary supplement companies sit up and take notice, an attorney says.

'We want to be clear what we stand for and ‘all-natural’ is not clear'

Good Food Made Simple to transition to organic: 'We want to be clear what we stand for, and ‘all-natural’ is not clear'

Good Food Made Simple – one of a new wave of companies on a mission to revitalize the frozen food aisle - is transitioning its burritos and wraps to a...

What’s New? Brands grow as consumers eye better-for-you options

As the number of health-conscious consumers increase, so do the number of brands touting a healthier alternative to what’s out there. Here’s an update from brands in this category that...

Consumer trust in food companies is rising, but industry still has work to do, survey reveals

Consumers slowly but increasingly are trusting food companies and perceiving them as transparent as more manufacturers explain how they source and make products, but a significant portion of shoppers remain...

Special Edition: Preservatives

Plant-based preservatives emerge as consumers hunt for clean-label meats

From celery to citrus to vinegar, consumers are glancing over nitrate-containing meat products and going for what they deem a more natural alternative.

EXPO WEST 2016: 'Unstoppable' growth in natural, organic and healthy?

From the apparently 'unstoppable' growth in the natural and organic products industry to the FDA's 'natural' probe, check out our gallery of highlights from the education sessions at Expo West.

Dieting is out – find out what is “in” at our Weight Management forum March 16

Normally about this time of year the airwaves and social media begin to buzz with messages about getting ready for bikini season or offers to help consumers shed the last...

Weight Management 2020

Is the shift away from calorie-counting to eating more nutritious food doing more harm than good?

The current shift away from dieting and calorie-counting towards eating more whole, nutrient dense foods is a double-edged sword when it comes to fighting the obesity epidemic in America, according...

Bite-sized snacks offer added convenience, portion control over bars, E&C Snacks CEO says

The nutrition bar category has thrived in part by offering consumers convenience and portion-control, but a new generation of bar-like “bites” entering the market suggests on-the-go snacking could be even...

Crush Cubes offer fresh flavors & convenience in frozen aisle

Fresh ingredients may be the must-have foods of the moment, but they also often require time-consuming prep and can lead to food waste when they come in amounts far exceeding...

Long-term trends at foundation of accelerator AccelFoods’ latest investments

Based on the latest additions to AccelFoods ’portfolio, the packaged food and beverage accelerator is betting that cold brew coffee, ethnic flavors, gluten-free and the one-two punch of protein and...

Kuli Kuli expands portfolio, mission with energy shot launch

Moringa superfood product manufacturer Kuli Kuli expands it portfolio and the reach of its social mission with the launch of three energy shots, thanks to an infusion of $1 million...


More consumers seek out products with ‘natural’ label, whatever it means

A survey conducted last month revealed that 62% of Americans buy products labelled “natural,” thinking they are buying something they are not.

Natural & Organic Health Association drops plans for “natural” seal

The Organic & Natural Health Association is abandoning its plan to create a certified seal that demonstrates when products are natural, but it remains dedicated to defining the widely used,...

Vermont AG office announces authorized companies to verify GMO-free claims

There will be two companies authorized to verify GMO-free claims in Vermont. Some experts worry about application backlog to meet the July 1 deadline, while others say it’s a step...

health and wellness 2020

7 trends influencing the evolution of health, wellness and consumers' views of food

Americans’ evolving definition of health and wellness from treatment to prevention is dramatically impacting how they view food – with many people looking to the ancient past for guidance on...

What are the key beverage trends - and companies - to watch in 2016?

What distinguishes the winners from the losers in the ultra-competitive beverages market?

Chobani Simply 100 ad campaign sparks legal spat with Dannon

Chobani’s provocative new ad campaign for Simply 100 – which directly attacks the ingredient choices of two rival brands – has landed it in legal hot water, with Dannon’s lawyers...

Is fresh chicken with added solution “natural”? TLC says no

USDA should prohibit the use of “natural” on fresh chicken with added saltwater or seaweed extract given recent research that reveals most consumers do not expect added solutions in chicken...

Chobani unveils media campaign to support Simply 100 Greek yogurt: ‘It’s a choice between natural and artificial’

Chobani has launched a multi-media campaign homing in on the ‘all-natural’ credentials of its Simply 100 Greek yogurt range and drawing shoppers’ attention to ‘artificial’ ingredients in rival products.

News in brief

FDA extends comment period on 'natural' labeling to May 10

The FDA has extended the comment period for the use of the term ‘natural’ on food labels until May 10 to give stakeholders more time to respond.

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