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FDA steps in at facility with “widespread” rodent and insect infestation

By Joe Whitworth+


US Marshals seize food products at two companies
US Marshals seize food products at two companies

Widespread rodent and insect infestation has prompted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prevent distribution of food products at two Virginia companies.

US Marshals seized food products at Gourmet Provisions, LLC and Royal Cup, Inc., after FDA investigators found widespread and active rodent and insect infestation on the premises. 

FDA initiated seizures of food products manufactured by Gourmet Provisions and stored by the two companies on 16 September, under warrants issued by the US District Court for the Western District of Virginia.

The agency said it found rodent and insect activity, unclean equipment and structural defects at the two businesses, which are located on the same premises in Waynesboro, Virginia.  

Gourmet Provisions, which does business as Matt’s Supreme Cones, manufactures and packages ice cream cones and stores other finished food products in the warehouse. Royal Cup stores coffee service items in a separate area within the Gourmet Provisions site.

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