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How mango hit the mainstream… Trend mapping with fruit

By Elaine WATSON , 23-Apr-2013
Last updated on 23-Apr-2013 at 05:59 GMT2013-04-23T05:59:06Z

How mango hit the mainstream.Trend mapping with fruit

Fruits are starting to feature in a growing number of food and beverage launches, from craft ciders to tart cherry juice, says a new report.

‘Fresh Takes on Fruit’, the latest culinary trend mapping report from Packaged Facts and CCD Innovation, examines fruit-based trends just starting to gain momentum plus those now firmly established in retail and foodservice markets.

Stage one signifies a trend that is "just gaining traction", while stage five indicates "complete absorption into the mainstream”.

STAGE 1: Just gaining traction…  

Craft cider: Artisan alcoholic cider is the next big brew”, says the report. “Beyond the pastoral feelings evoked by small-batch ciders, craft cider appeals to consumers who are increasingly health conscious about what they eat and imbibe.”

Fruit preserves 2.0: A nostalgic interest in pickling and preserving is “playing out among top chefs and hardcore DIY home cooks determined to jar everything edible for the pantry, whether preserved lemons, blackberry-thyme jam or pickled plums”, it adds

STAGE 2:  

Sugar from fruit: “Monk fruit and coconuts are now being transformed into attractive sweeteners with low calories, low glycemic index scores and impressive nutrient profiles.”

New varietals and hybrids: The old favorites (lemons, strawberries and oranges) are still a core part of the product developer’s toolkit, says the report. But not just any old lemons… What matters now is what type of lemon. So expect to see more Meyer lemons, Cara Cara oranges and Seascape strawberries...

STAGE 3:  

Fruit and botanical beverages: We can also expect to see more botanical flavor notes in fruit-flavored beverages: “Beyond taste, these additions add potential health benefits that appeal to consumers searching for elixirs in a bottle or tea bag.”


Super tart cherries: Tart, sour cherries are now being included in juices, snack bars and trail mixes, it notes. “Not only does this good-for-you-ingredient taste great, but tart cherries also add a premium feel to foods as well as a hint of nostalgia.”

STAGE 5: Firmly in the mainstream…  

Mango mania: Finally, when it comes to fruits now firmly in the mainstream, mangoes have it all, appealing to “multicultural consumers, flavor lovers and health-seekers”, says the report.

Whether in savory or sweet applications, mango's versatility happily expands across CPG and foodservice menu categories.”

For more information about the report, click here.  

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