Gelatine focus for WHO initiative

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Leading gelatine producer GELITA will take a seat at the WHO-driven
bone and joint health initiative Bone and Joint Decade, one of just
a few food ingredients firms invited to the table, created to
improve research, prevention and education for musculo-skeletal

GELITA, a subsidiary of German giant DG Stoess, is a major supplier of the gelatine collagen hydrolysate (CH), a special type of gelatine with particular benefit for joint health, and a key focus of the WHO initiative.

"The goal of the Initiative is to promote collagen hydrolysate research in the area of degenerative joint disease. and the focus of research in the area of degenerative joint disease,"​ said the firm in a statement this week.

CH has the same amino acid composition as Type II collagen, which makes up approximately 70 per cent of the joint cartilage and provides the joint with its tensile strength and stiffness.

Recent studies suggest that collagen hydrolysate may be able to protect joints from damage, strengthen joints and reduce pain from conditions like osteoarthritis (OA).

A considerable burden on national governments, in the US alone the Arthritis Foundation estimates that chronic joint pain is one of the most common disorders, affecting approximately 70 million Americans. Osteoarthritis touches in the region of 20.7 million adults and placing an estimated $33 billion bill on the US.

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