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Franken: Pretty COOL

Dairy associations: New labeling bill is not COOL at all

By Elaine Watson

Legislation designed to help US dairy farmers could have the unintended consequence of encouraging firms to replace dairy ingredients from US suppliers with non-dairy ingredients just to avoid labeling headaches, trade associations have warned.

20m import lines of food, devices, drugs, and cosmetics arrived at US ports during FY 2010.

Globalization forces FDA to prioritize global food safety

By Mike Stones

The quickening pace of globalization has forced the Food and Drug Administration to place progress towards an integrated global food safety system center stage in priorities plan covering the years up to 2015.

Specialized R&D positions remain tough to fill

Focus on recruitment in food and drink

Job market holds up in NPD, but housing woes and energy fears remain

By Elaine Watson

Food and drink manufacturers are slowly starting to recruit again as confidence levels improve, but problems in the housing market and worries over energy prices continue to thwart progress, according to recruitment agencies specializing in the food sector.

VersiLac helps to cut added salt, claims Proliant.

Dairy ingredient claimed to cut added salt and costs

By Mike Stones

Protein producer Proliant claims its ingredient VersiLac helps manufacturers to remove added salt in some food applications and to cut them by up to 25 percent in others, according to research at the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research.

Martling: Open innovation

60-second interview: Scott Martling, International Food Network

The secret to bigger, better, faster NPD? Share the love …

When it comes to ground-breaking NPD, two heads – or possibly six or seven - are always better than one, International Food Network’s (IFN’s) group leader Scott Martling tells Elaine Watson

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