‘Discovery’ theme runs through Sensient’s 2012 flavor predictions

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Sensient Flavors has said consumer interest in discovery underlines its top ten flavor predictions for the coming year, including flavors that are totally new to American palates and others that are reinventions of familiar tastes.

Director of beverage solutions at Sensient Flavors Jim Shepherd said: "Consumers today are increasingly open to – and even seek – new flavor profiles in both the food and beverages they purchase. Three subsets of the discovery theme emerged: ‘new and novel,’‘re-invention’ and ‘combinations of flavors’.”

The top ten are: Aji Amarillo​, a South American chili; black garlic​; coriander seed​, native to the Middle East, southern Europe and Asia; honeycrisp apple​, a sweet yet tart apple introduced by University of Minnesota breeders in 1991; lucuma​, a native South American fruit; a combination flavor, peach rosemary​; pink peppercorn​, the dried berry of the baies rose plant, which has a sweet spicy profile; plum​; spicy caramel​; and varietal vanilla​, tapping into the subtle flavor differences in vanilla sourced from Madagascar, Mexico, Indonesia, India and Tahiti.

“In the beverage category, the ‘re-invention’ theme comes into play with the re-assessment of heirloom varieties of plum, while vanilla becomes more interesting – re-invented, if you will – through varietal taste profiles, while the combination of peach and rosemary flavors speak to emerging flavor combinations that excite the palate,”​ Shepherd said.

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