Michelle Obama to appear on Dr. Oz show to plug Let’s Move campaign

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Michelle Obama to appear on Dr. Oz show to plug Let’s Move campaign
First Lady Michelle Obama is due to appear on the Dr. Oz show to discuss two issues that are part of her Let’s Move initiative – improvements to the school lunch program that go into effect this year, and updates to the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

The appearance is due to be filmed this Wednesday, August 29, and to be screened on Friday, September 14. Timed to coincide with the start of the new school year, Mrs. Obama is expected to highlight improvements in the school nutrition guidelines, including increasing the whole grain, low-fat dairy, and fruit and vegetable content of school lunches, and to reveal improvements to the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move initiative in February 2010, with the stated aim of ending childhood obesity within a generation.

The food industry, including major trade organizations such as the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the American Beverage Association, was quick to pledge its support to the Let’s Move cause in 2010, when GMA president and CEO Pamela Bailey said: “We agree that everyone has a role to play, including industry. We embrace our responsibility.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz said in a statement: “Mrs. Obama works tirelessly to focus our nation on prevention and educate youth about the critical need to eat right and stay active.  This message of prevention will imprint good habits on a generation of young people and result in longer lives and less disease.  I am humbled and honored that the First Lady will appear on our show to ignite this conversation with my audience.”

On the second anniversary of the initiative’s launch earlier this year, Michelle Obama highlighted some of the specific initiatives developed by industry, including the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), which has pledged to remove 1.5trn calories from the food supply by the end of 2015, through a combination of reducing portion sizes of single-serve products, providing more lower-calorie options, and reformulation. The HWCF has more than 170 members, including food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, NGOs, and trade organizations.

Currently, about 17% of US children aged 2-19 are obese, and the rate has tripled since 1980, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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TOO much wheat?

Posted by Marne' Newton,

I applaud Mrs Obamas initiative, I do however have some concerns.
I have heard that she want to decrease the amount of Protein that children are given and increase the whole grains. I am concerned that this will negatively affect a large portion of the population.
My family has Celiac disease, an intolerance to wheat and gluten, by requiring schools to beef up the amount of whole grains, which is usually wheat she has effectively created a huge problem for my children. I was told that they would have to eat only salads but that the dressings have wheat in them so they would have to not have dressing. There are NON WHEAT alternatives but the schools are not looking at them. I am also concerned for children who are diabetic or have other wheat intolerant diseases like Addisons. Instead of insisting that everyone eat a whole grain diet which I do agree with, maybe look into WHAT the wheat is doing to our children as well. From my research I have found that one in 22 people suffer from it. That is a huge number of people and it is a genetic disease. In an article in USA TODAY.com Dr Fasano, believes that "An increase in the amount of gluten found in grains. "We eat grains that are much more rich in glutens than they were 70 or 80 years ago," he said.
Children being exposed to gluten from an early age. "We know for sure if we introduce grains too early, people at risk for developing celiac disease are more likely to contract it," he said." By force feeding the whole grain mantra Mrs Obama is going to cause those of us who's children are on low carbohydrate and NO to low wheat diets a great deal of problems.
My son is in High School, the main dietary foods are Pizza, Pretzels, Sandwiches, nachos and salad. I can see why she wants to fix that but it does no good to make them whole wheat when they can not be consumed to begin with. The idea is good but the actual policy is flawed.

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