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Pilgrim’s Pride's sales and profits both dropped in Q3 of this year

Pilgrim’s Pride sees sales drop in Q3

By Chloe Ryan

Poultry processor Pilgrim’s Pride has announced a fall in sales and profits for the third quarter of the year due to “continued challenges in the export market” and the strong dollar, the company said. 

Products such as Tio Gazpacho blur the boundaries between meals and snacks

How do snacking habits vary according to the time of day?

By Elaine Watson

Whether consumers opt for savory or sweet snacks is typically determined by the time of day, with savory snack consumption peaking at noon and sweet snack consumption peaking at 8pm, whereas better-for-you snack consumption is predicated more by place,...

Two separate incidents of listeria monocytogenes have caused concern in the US

Listeria recalls hit US

By Chloe Ryan

American consumers have been warned about two separate instances of meat contamination where there is a risk of listeriosis, a bacterial infection that can kill those with a weak immune system and lead to miscarriage in pregnant women. 

The Five Nations Beef Alliance has expanded to become International Beef Alliance

International beef alliance grows

By Chloe Ryan

A group of five nations that formed an alliance to collaborate on beef trade has now become seven, after Paraguay and Mato Grosso in Brazil became the latest members. 

Guayaki founders, from left to right: Michael Newton, Steven Karr, Chris Mann, Alex Pryor and David Karr

If you survive, you thrive: Guayaki yerba mate’s slow-burning success

By Maggie Hennessy

In the hyper-competitive beverage world, it’s hard to imagine a brand pioneering a new beverage category using a mission-driven business model aimed at restoring the rainforest would still be around 20 years later, let alone growing at an average rate...

A study has found that almost 15% of hot dogs contain products other than those listed on the ingredients

Human DNA found in hot dogs

By Chloe Ryan

Nearly 15% of American hot dogs and sausages are contaminated with products other than those listed on the ingredients, including other types of meat and human DNA, analysis of the most popular brands has discovered. 

Sun Basket poised for growth in meal-kit-delivery market

Sun Basket poised for growth in burgeoning meal-kit-delivery market

By Elaine Watson

Stressed, time poor and short of culinary inspiration, but feeling guilty about ordering pizza again? Sun Basket – the latest entrant to the burgeoning home meal delivery market – gives you the tools to cook restaurant-quality meals at home, without having...

Hakim Zemni believes educating customers is bakery's biggest challenge.


Customization essential to innovation in bakery

By Hal Conick

Customization is the key to giving consumers what they want to see from the bakery industry, according to one industry consultant.

Kellogg reportedly mulling $1.5bn deal to buy Diamond Foods

Kellogg reportedly mulling $1.5bn deal to buy Diamond Foods

By Elaine WATSON

Kellogg is reportedly in talks to buy Kettle Chips and Emerald nuts maker Diamond Foods in a deal that could be valued at around $1.5bn and further increase Kellogg’s presence in the snacking category as the ready-to-eat cereals market continues to struggle.

The WHO is believed to have put consuming processed meat on a par with smoking cigarettes in terms of carcinogenic effect

WHO report claims processed meat cancer link

By Chloe Ryan

Processed meat could be classified as a cancer risk as big as cigarettes, in a new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) due to be published on Monday.

China offers great potential for US pork

US pork envoy visits China

By Chloe Ryan

A delegation of US pork industry leaders has travelled to China on a trade mission to learn how to improve trade and build relationships between producers, importers and processing companies. 

Karma Baker: Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free… and delicious

Karma Baker: Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free… and delicious

By Elaine Watson

If you’re going to launch a gourmet organic, vegan and gluten-free bakery business, L.A. is probably the place to do it, acknowledges Karma Baker’s founder Celine Ikeler. But if you plan to stick around, you’ve got to make products that will appeal to...

“We eventually found a natural flavour that masked both the after taste of the moringa and the after taste of the stevia.

UK Moringa-based beauty drink overcomes 'horrible' taste

By Louise Reid

A herbal nutricosmetic drink is being launched in the UK utilising the amino acid-rich Himalyan herb, Moringa oleifeira, with the company involved saying it has overcome the 'horrible' taste of moringa.

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