All news articles for November 2015

Maple Lead job losses will help 'ramp up' their 'world-class supply chain'

Maple Leaf Foods cuts 400 jobs

By Oscar Rousseau

Canadian food processor Maple Leaf Foods has announced it will cut 400 jobs, with most of those to come into effect before Christmas.

Kidney failure for two consumers of Costco's chicken salad

Costco in E.coli chicken salad scare

By Oscar Rousseau

Rotisserie chicken salad with E.coli traces has caused the illness of 19 people across seven US states, health officials in Washington have claimed.

August's influenza outbreak was 'staggering' says poultry council

US poultry will handle new virus ‘better’

By Oscar Rousseau

American poultry firms are now better equipped to deal with an outbreak of avian influenza (AI), thanks to improved biosecurity measures, risk management firm Moody says.

Seasonal items catch consumers’ attention when they're primed to buy

Seasonal items catch consumers’ attention when they're primed to buy

By Elizabeth Crawford

Seasonal flavors and limited edition offerings can generate consumer excitement and help focus their attention during the holidays when they often are inundated with indulgences and pulled in multiple directions.  Here is a sampling of products offering...

Rick Ancietti: “I think in some ways we’ve drifted more towards appearing and looking like a supermarket, which is not our heritage.

CEO: 'The center of the store is not generating the kind of performance that we would like'

New CEO at The Fresh Market to cut prices, reinvent center of store, launch loyalty scheme

By Elaine Watson

The Fresh Market can be fixed, but it’s going to have to cut prices of key-value-items (KVIs), and “reinvent” the center of the store, says its new president and CEO Rick Anicetti, who has spent his first few weeks at the helm “looking under the hood”...

The report predicts that Brazil will continue to be a key supplier of all protein

HSBC report forecasts 17% rise in meat production

By Michelle Perrett

Meat production is expected to grow by 17% over the coming decade, with Brazil remaining a key supplier, according to the recently released HSBC Forward Planning 2016.

’Chups wants take on Heinz by elevating ketchup beyond tomato

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

’Chups wants to take on Heinz by elevating ketchup beyond tomato

By Elizabeth Crawford

Heinz Tomato Ketchup has been an iconic staple in American diners and homes for more than 130 years, but Washington, DC-area startup ’Chups believes the condiment is long overdue for an update and that it is just the company to do it. 

Brazil's pork shipments fell for the first time since February

Pork blights Brazil’s meat progress

By Oscar Rousseau

November has been a strong month for Brazil’s growing meat industry. Sales of chicken and beef continue to rise but the price of pork – hit hard by a nationwide truck drivers’ strike – has fallen for the first time since February.

Chicken wings recalled after 'off odour' smell

Tyson Foods recalls pongy poultry

By Oscar Rousseau

A large quantity of chicken wings has been recalled by the US protein producer Tyson Foods Inc after fears it had an “off odour”. 

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