GMO labeling bill defeated in Canadian parliament

By Elaine Watson

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Picture: iStockphoto-chombosan
Picture: iStockphoto-chombosan

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Members of the Canadian Parliament voted against approving mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods in a vote in the House of Commons yesterday. 

The private members bill C-291​ – introduced by Pierre-Luc Dusseault, the NDP (New Democratic Party) MP for Sherbrooke, Québec - was defeated​ by a significant margin, with 67 yeas, and 216 nays.

It specified only that the Food and Drugs Act be amended such that “No person shall sell any food that is genetically modified unless its label contains information … to prevent the purchaser or the consumer of the food from being deceived or misled in respect of its composition.”

However, the term ‘genetically modified’ was not defined in the bill, which generated a lot of discussion during the second reading, with opponents arguing that the wording was too vague and supporters arguing that such vagary provided important ‘latitude.’

The debate in Canada follows the passage of the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law​ in the US, which was signed into law by President Obama in 2016.

  • Read more about the US federal GMO labeling law HERE​.
  • Read more about bill C-291 HERE​.
  • Read the arguments made by Canadian MPs for and against bill C-291 HERE​.

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Posted by Jeff Mattsson,

I'm sorry. The comments in question are the ones by Robert Wager and the one posted below his.

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Beware of Let Nothing Go Shills

Posted by Jeff Mattsson,

The two comments previous to mine are suspected to be nothing more than paid participant in the :Let Nothing Go' programme. A review of the following will shed more light:

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Corrupt to the Core

Posted by Sal DeVita,

I recommend reading, "Corrupt to the Core" by Shiv Chopra.
The gist of the story, about six years ago Mr. Chopra, a research scientist who worked for Health Canada was released from employment when he showed reasonable concerns of efficacy and safety of a new drug called Bovine Growth Hormone. It was to be used as an injection into cattle... Health Canada acted in a manner to speed up the process of test and pass...but Mr. Chopra did not believe it was thoroughly tested so he delayed the passing of the new drug. Health Canada claimed he acted in a non-compliant manner so they fired him. Really! It was never stated but Mr. Chopra delayed the passing of a new type of drug that had legitimate concerns...but it was causing financial concerns for big businesses…they were losing money.
For me, I will demand of myself to not purchase food products which have been genetically altered and/or are not labeled...who knows for sure what the long term effects are...and even when the Canadian government knows for a fact such as in the case of tobacco sales and cancer diseases, the health and safety of Canadians is not the decisive factor when it comes between more money for businesses or healthier Canadians...but rather the big business of sales governs what most politicians are supporting.

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