WATCH EXPO WEST 2022… We’re making ‘a different protein completely’ to Impossible Foods, says Motif FoodWorks

By Elaine Watson

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Boston-based Motif FoodWorks says it is “very confident” it will prevail in its legal spat with Impossible Foods over a new generation of ‘meaty’ flavors produced by precision fermentation.

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA at the Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim earlier this month, a day after being accused by Impossible Foods of patent infringement​, Motif FoodWorks CTO Dr Michael Leonard said: “They ​[Impossible Foods] use a different protein completely from what we leverage.”

He added: “Impossible Foods uses soy leghemoglobin in its products, which is derived from soy root nodules, the heme protein contained in soy root nodules. They also use precision fermentation ​[to manufacture it], but it's pretty big space, and there's lots of ways to produce materials with that technology.

“Our protein​ [HEMAMI] is fundamentally different, and delivers different flavor and aroma benefits.”

‘We vehemently deny the claims in the complaint'

Asked about the lawsuit, which accuses Motif of infringing a patent Impossible Foods secured in 2020 covering the use of its soy leghemoglobin ingredient in meat substitutes, he said: Impossible’s claims don't have any basis in fact or in the law.

“We vehemently deny the claims in the complaint, and we plan to vigorously contest those claims through the appropriate legal channels. We're very confident that we’ll prevail in any litigation and we feel this is an attempt to stifle competition on behalf of Impossible, as they can see that Motif has significant momentum, and is a player in this industry. So it's business as usual for us.”

Meaty flavors... without animals

According to a GRAS notice​​​ from Impossible Foods, its flagship meaty-tasting ingredient soy leghemoglobin is a protein found in nodules attached to the roots of nitrogen-fixing plants such as soy that Impossible produces via a genetically engineered strain of Pichia pastoris​​, the DNA of which has been retooled to produce leghemoglobin.

According to a GRAS notice ​from Motif FoodWorks, its new meaty-tasting ingredient (brand name: HEMAMI) is myoglobin, a heme-binding protein found in the muscle tissue of cows that Motif is expressing in a genetically engineered strain of Pichia pastoris ​​yeast.

APPETEX plant-based texturizing ingredient promises 'springiness, juiciness and bite associated with animal-based connective tissue'

HEMAMI has been generating a lot of media attention lately, with the first products featuring it likely to hit shelves later this year. However, Motif FoodWorks’ second commercial ingredient - a texturizing technology called APPETEX​ launching later this year - could be just as significant, claimed Dr Leonard.

A hydrogel combining plant-based proteins and carbohydrates that Motif claims can replicate the "springiness, juiciness and bite associated with animal-based connective tissue,”​ APPETEX will be supplied in the form of small, dried pellets which expand when hydrated, he said.

If HEMAMI delivers the flavor and aroma experience for plant based meat that we think is missing, APPETEX delivers the bite." 

'What we heard from consumers is that these products taste mushy'

He added: “The insight that we had around this was about the diversity of texture, the heterogeneity of texture that was missing in plant based burgers. What we heard from consumers is that these products taste mushy, they don't taste or feel authentic when I chew them. They don't have the chew down. They don't have the mixture of hard and soft components. 

“And so our insight was that the connective tissue you usually find in animal meat is missing in plant based meats and things like TVP ​[textured vegetable protein], textured soy, don't mimic that very well. So we created APPETEX from the ground up, using some material science insights that we had around connective tissue, and created this plant-based ingredient that improves bite quality, juiciness and springiness so you get the authentic meat chew down.”

A​n Impossible Foods spokesperson told us: “We applaud other companies’ efforts to develop compelling plant-based products, but we do not tolerate attempts to undermine our brand or products through the deliberate and unauthorized infringement of our intellectual property.” 

Motif FoodWorks​​ – a Boston-based startup focused on high-impact ingredients that can be added to plant-based meat and dairy formulations in small quantities but make a significant difference to the eating experience – is powered by Ginkgo Bioworks​​​'​​​ ​​synthetic biology platform.

Founded in early 2019, Motif recently raised $226m in Series B funding, bringing its cumulative funding to $345m.



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