Plant-based fat mimics the texture of animal fat in bakery products

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FaTRIX will be used as a substitute for butter in bakery goods such as croissants. Image source: FreshSplash/Getty Images
FaTRIX will be used as a substitute for butter in bakery goods such as croissants. Image source: FreshSplash/Getty Images

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Some products, such as croissants, need a bit of butter to get their unique texture. Israeli startup Gaven Technologies hopes to provide a vegan replacement of butter and other animal fats in bakery products, with its new plant-based fat FaTRIX.

FaTRIX offers a protein-based alternative to butter and other animal fats found in pastries and bakery products. According to CEO and co-founder Itai Cohen, previous attempts at replacing fat in these products with vegetable fats ‘cannot match’ the taste and texture of their animal counterpart.

The fat substitute FaTRIX is composed of extracted protein, acting as a base on which water and plant oil are bound. It has a high melting point and fat-holding capacity, which means that leaching (chemically interacting with cookware) is unlikely.

The product can be made with any plant oil, meaning that it can be customised. This also means that sustainability concerns with some plant oils, such as soybean oil, can be mitigated.

Our product offers numerous environmental benefits that make a positive impact​,” Cohen told FoodNavigator. “Additionally, our versatile solution allows for the use of a wide range of oils, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet diverse needs​.”

The pros and cons of fat

FaTRIX is a fat replacement, but contains 80% less saturated fat than animal fats, and no trans fats at all. Yet, Cohen told us, it still provides the health benefits associated with fat.

FaTRIX contains 50-70% oil​,” he told us. “Therefore, it enables the absorption of oil soluble vitamins and provides the body with energy. FaTRIX [is] a better-for-you, low saturated fat option, while retaining the desirable properties of fats rich in saturated fatty acids.​”

A new texture

One of the aims of the fat substitute was to provide consumers with the taste and texture of animal fat in bakery products. For a long time, Cohen told us, this has not been achieved. And previous substitutes were unhealthy to boot.

Butter substitutes such as margarine and tropical oils fail to deliver the desirable texture and taste of butter. Moreover, they exhibited a significantly poor nutritional profile as the amount of saturated fat is much higher​.”

According to trials and tests of the product, it can provide what previous substitutes were lacking. Gavan Technologies has incorporated it into bakery products already, to test out its appeal in terms of taste and texture, and according to Cohen, it did not disappoint.

We are collaborating with customers to integrate FaTRIX into their products​,” Cohen told us. “An extensive testing has been conducted across various categories and the results were great. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the mouthfeel, texture, taste, and other sensory aspects of the products​.”

Gavan Technologies has successfully used FaTRIX to replace butter in a brioche, which, according to the company, is a highly tricky feat, since butter in brioche is considered irreplaceable. With this success, Gavan aims to partner with the bakery industry to use FaTRIX to replace butter in many of its products.

We are already working with European bakery companies to incorporate FatRIX in their products​,” Cohen told us.

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