Pringles helps gamers go from n00b to GOAT with game-changing Pringles can

By Gill Hyslop

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Pringles has taken steps to bridge the gap between snacking and extraordinary gaming moments. Pic: Pringles
Pringles has taken steps to bridge the gap between snacking and extraordinary gaming moments. Pic: Pringles

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The Kellogg’s mega snack brand has devised an ingenious new use for its iconic tube packaging, hoping to become a strategic ally for the growing gaming community.

The streaming accessory is designed to capitalise on the gaming world’s explosive growth, which saw a 117% surge in video game streaming on Twitch and 118% bump up on Facebook Gaming in 2021.

With enthusiasts investing over $100bn in state-of-the-art streaming accessories, the quest for unique content has become paramount. Against this backdrop, Pringles has introduced a game-changing concept: a limited edition Pringles Original Gamer’s Microphone Amplifier & Streaming Device All-In-One Can Pack.

Following its unlikely collaboration with The Caviar Co - in response to the Tik Tok caviar potato chip trend that went viral - Pringles has another hit on its hand. A collab with Grey Colombia / Mexico came up with the idea of inserting mobile phone headphones into a Pringles can, to turn it into a microphone amplifier for gaming streamers.

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According to the duo, the innovation “transcends being a mere accessory”,​ but rather is an embodiment of its dedication to heighten the gaming experience.

“Seamlessly transforming its iconic can into a microphone amplifier, Pringles acknowledges the evolving aspirations of gamers - to not just play, but to create captivating content,” ​they said.

“The transition is facilitated by subtle yet effective stickers and micro-perforations, optimising sound transmission to headphones and creating a semi-professional acoustic environment that resonates with the needs of gamers.”

Empowering gamers

Beyond the one-of-a-kind hardware, the concept is designed to encapsulate the spirit of community.

Today’s gamers are no longer the hardcore players squirred away in back rooms or bedrooms, but are openly proud of their dedication, and are actually influencers, storytellers and trendsetters. In a gesture of authenticity and camaraderie, Pringle is hoping these limited edition packs will help in amplifying their voices within the gaming universe.

“In essence, Pringles not only embraces gaming but also empowers gamers to amplify their impact, bridging the gap between snacking and extraordinary gaming moments,”​ said the brand.

Pringles distributed around 300 free kits to influencers and streamers - including Samy Rivers, the world’s most prominent female streamer with 5.3 million followers on Twitch - hoping for GG and FTW feedback.

It is also making the kit available to the other clans and n00bs to make at home in a Pringle can for a mere outlay of $2.36 - way below today’s microphone costs that can start at $100 - while stocks last.

In gaming terms

Clans: A community of players that plays togehter

FTW: For the win (a declaration of victory)

GG: Good game

GOAT: Greatest of all time (describes a great player)

n00b: Derogatory for a newbie, implying a lack of experience.

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