Gut health watch: What’s the latest on gut health in food and beverages?

By Donna Eastlake

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Gut health watch: What’s the latest on gut health in food and beverages? GettyImages/SolStock
Gut health watch: What’s the latest on gut health in food and beverages? GettyImages/SolStock

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The gut health trend is on the up and up, with consumer interest continuing to grow. So, how is the food and beverage industry serving this unstoppable trend? We bring you the latest…

The gut health trend, and by extension the gut health industry, has undergone an astronomic rise, over the past decade.

Where once upon a time, the gut was a subject discussed solely by dieticians and doctors, now it is the part of the common vernacular and fuels a billion-dollar industry worldwide. We look at all the ways the gut health phenomena is impacting the food and beverage industry as it continues to grow and evolve.

Here’s the latest…

16 July 2024: Fermented foods and beverages find favour with consumers

Kombucha - GettyImages-alvarez
Image credit: GettyImages/alvarez

The rise of fermented foods and beverages is an unlikely success story. But their popularity keeps on growing!

15 July 2024: Are high-fat foods contributing to the anxiety epidemic?

High-fat foods have been recognised as the number one cause of obesity. Now scientists are looking at their potential links to another growing health issue - anxiety.

20 June 2024: How brands are capitalising on gut health

Image credit: GettyImages/PeopleImages

Gut health is proving to be hugely popular with consumers and enormously profitable for food and beverage manufacturers. In financial terms, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

10 June 2024: Do consumers believe ‘better-for-you’ marketing on snacks?

The wellness industry is booming, with health and fitness trends becoming popular amongst consumers and profitable for brands. But do consumers trust the ‘better-for-you’ marketing printed on the products they buy?

29 May 2024: Understanding the Autoimmune Protocol diet

AIP Diet - GettyImages-Hispanolistic
Image credit: GettyImages/Hispanolistic

Health trends are huge at the moment, with new diets and ‘superfoods’ popping up on an almost weekly basis. Enter the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet.

21 May 2024: Are protein bars and powders damaging to gut health?

High-protein products and gut health represent two of the biggest food trends of the last decade, but is one bad for the other?

15 May 2024: How do consumers perceive ‘gut health’ products?

How do consumers perceive gut health - GettyImages-RealPeopleGroup
Image credit: GettyImages/RealPeopleGroup

Products targeting ‘gut health’ have a range of benefits, yet these are not always clear in marketing. How do consumers understand gut health, and is this understanding congruent with reality?

15 May 2024: How brands communicate gut health benefits, creatively

In Europe, food and drink makers tapping into the gut health trend find themselves hamstrung by health claims regulations. How can they communicate benefits, without breaking the law?

15 May 2024: Could good gut bacteria help prevent cardiovascular disease?

Hands holding heart - GettyImages-Ridofranz
Image credit: GettyImages/Ridofranz

The last decade has seen gut health linked to a multitude of health benefits. So could it also play a role in helping to prevent cardiovascular disease?

10 May 2024: Prebiotics: What are they, what are the different types, and what is their future?

Prebiotics are a unique part of the gut health trend. How are prebiotics used in food and how is regulation impacting the sector? The so-called Father of Prebiotics weighs in.

9 May 2024: Postbiotics: The lesser-known microbes in the gut health universe

Image credit: GettyImages/PeopleImages

Prebiotics and probiotics are practically celebrities in the world of gut health, but have you heard of postbiotics? This lesser-known friend of pre and pro is quickly climbing the gut-health charts.

8 May 2024: Carrot fibre to plant-based kefir: How 3 start-ups are targeting a healthier gut

The gut health trend has exploded in recent years. FoodNavigator looks at three European start-ups exploring different ingredients to boost the microbiome.

2 May 2024: Low-histamine diet: Is this the new food trend to watch?

Histamine - GettyImages-PeopleImages
Image credit: GettyImages/PeopleImages

Understanding of high-histamine and histamine-liberating foods is relatively new, but it’s quickly gaining consumer interest. So, what is this new trend towards consuming low-histamine foods and is it one to watch?

20 March 2024: Gut health business is booming: What's next for this unstoppable health trend?

The gut health trend is one of the single biggest changes to hit the food and drinks industry in recent decades. So what are gut-loving consumers buying and what gut-friendly products will we see next?

14 March 2024: Gut health: Why this consumer trend is here to stay

Gut health trend - GettyImages-Meeko Media
Image credit: GettyImages/Meeko Media

Consumer appetite for gut-health friendly foods shows no signs of abating as understanding of its impact on overall health continues to grow. But how will this trend evolve and grow in the future?



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