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Seed to Surf sails on to Whole Foods shelves with vegan tinned seafood

Seed to Surf sails on to Whole Foods shelves with vegan tinned seafood

By Ryan Daily

Canadian-based vegan seafood brand Seed to Surf is debuting its tinned fish product at more than 150 US Whole Foods Markets after completing the retailer’s Local and Emerging Accelerator Program (LEAP), and is teeing innovation in the soup category, company...

According to the World Health Organization, 2.7m people die in Europe every year due to four major commercial products – one of which is ultra-processed food. GettyImages/gerenme

Ultra-processed food kills, says WHO

By Flora Southey

The World Health Organization is linking ultra-processed food, alcohol, tobacco, and fossil fuel industries to millions of deaths in Europe every year.

Do emulsifiers increase the risk of diabetes? GettyImages/martin-dm

Do emulsifiers increase the risk of diabetes?

By Donna Eastlake

Emulsifiers are found in a whole range of foods, including yogurts, ice creams, chocolate bars, margarines and even some breads. But could this common food additive increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes?

Source: Riverence Provisions

Farm to fork: Riverence Provisions’ pivot to packaged foods

By Deniz Ataman

Land-based premium trout producer Riverence Provision touts its responsible farming practices to stand out among the competition in grocery stores, where it launched a selection of frozen fish and dips after pandemic-related challenges disrupted its food...

TrustWorks Global helps companies, including food and beverage companies, operate in conflict-sensitive areas. Image Source: Getty Images/Frank Rossoto Stocktrek

How should food businesses operate in areas of conflict?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Many key commodities in the food industry are sourced from conflict areas. What role can a social enterprise play in helping businesses operate in these areas without exacerbating harm?

How do vegetable crisps compare to potato crisps, nutritionally? Image Source: Getty Images/Jenifoto

Do vegetable crisps deserve their health halo?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Colourful and classy vegetable crisps are often sought after as a ‘better-for-you’ alternative to ordinary crisps. But how accurate is this perception?

How much influence does Instagram have on vegan consumption habits? Image Source: Getty Images/Tim Robberts

Does #vegan mean vegan?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

How closely do Instagram posts using the hashtag ‘vegan’ influence the consumption habits of those engaging with them offline?

Source: Getty/Kosamtu

USDA, EPA & FDA sign formal agreement to renew food waste programs

By Deniz Ataman

USDA, FDA, EPA and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), signed a formal agreement to renew the Federal Interagency Collaboration to Reduce Food Loss and Waste (FIFLAW) to reduce food waste and loss domestically and internationally.

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