Beverage Trendwatching Panel

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Beverage Trendwatching Panel

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What are the fastest-growing beverage categories and which consumer trends are successful firms tapping into?
Get the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not from Howard Telford at Euromonitor, branding expert Simon Thorneycroft, Califia Farms CEO and industry veteran Greg Steltenpohl, new sports beverage brand KRā, Gabe Nabors from Ohio-based retailer Mustard Seed Market, and attorney Ryan Kaiser to find out which beverage categories are growing, what consumers want, how retailers view the category, how to build a beverage brand and stand out on shelf, and how to avoid legal hot water…


Greg Steltenpohl Greg Steltenpohl Co-founder and CEO
Califia Farms

Sarah Hardgrove-Koleno Sarah Hardgrove-Koleno Co-founder and CEO
KRā Drinks for Athletes

Howard Telford Howard Telford Head of Soft Drinks
Euromonitor International

Ryan Kaiser Ryan Kaiser Partner
Amin Talati Upadhye LLP

Simon Thorneycroft Simon Thorneycroft Founder and CEO
Perspective Branding

Gabe Nabors Gabe Nabors Director of Marketing & Category Management
Mustard Seed Market and Café

Elaine Watson Elaine Watson Editor