Chewing the fat: Navigating the healthy fats minefield

Chewing the fat: Navigating the healthy fats minefield

Fats are often classed into good, bad and ugly categories. But do we know for sure which are which?

Is the science changing on saturated fats? Is whole milk a better choice, or should we stick to low fat dairy? Is coconut oil as healthy as some marketers make out, and is the demand for all-things-avocado showing any signs of slowing down? How do consumers decide which cooking oil to buy? Is the pressure off to reduce fat now all eyes are on added sugar?

We bring together manufacturers, trend-watchers and nutrition experts to get the skinny on fat…


Melissa Abbott Melissa Abbott Vice President, Retainer Services
Hartman Group

Jenna A. Bell, PhD, RD Jenna A. Bell, PhD, RD Senior vice president, Director of food & wellness
Pollock Communications

Molly Hjelm Molly Hjelm VP marketing

Tom Sanders, DSc Tom Sanders, DSc Professor of nutrition and dietetics
King's College, London

Elaine Watson Elaine Watson Editor

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