Where next for meat alternatives?

Where next for meat alternatives? From plant-based burgers to fungi-fueled bacon

The meat alternatives market is heating up rapidly, with legacy brands now competing with titans from the animal meat industry as well as a wave of innovative startups. So where is this dynamic market heading next, how do we calculate the size of the prize, and what will the next generation of products look like?

  • The evolving toolkit for meat alternatives: From soy, pea, wheat and faba beans to barley, chickpea and canola proteins, mycelium, and novel microbes
  • Formulation trends: Improving the taste, color, and texture of meat alternatives
  • Nutrition: Are they good for you, and are consumer expectations changing?
  • The addressable market for meat alternatives: is there a ceiling, and if so, where is it?
  • What are the primary purchase drivers for meat alternatives and how do shoppers feel about the next generation of products?
  • What are consumers looking for and how do we engage them?
  • Exploring the white space in the market


Eben Bayer Eben Bayer Founder and CEO
Ecovative Design & MyEats Food

Max Elder Max Elder Co-founder and CEO

Marcellus Harris Marcellus Harris Assistant Commodity Manager, Poultry

AnnMarie  Kraszewski AnnMarie Kraszewski Application Scientist

Aurelie Mauray Aurelie Mauray Marketing Manager, Plant Proteins - Americas

Karuna Rawal Karuna Rawal Chief Marketing Officer
Nature's Fynd

Elaine WATSON Elaine Watson Editor

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