Beverage Trends

Beverage Trends

Kids are drinking less milk and juice as they get older, but what are they drinking instead, and is it good for them? How do parents evaluate what types of drinks are good for kids? What are parents looking for on food labels?  Our expert panel will look at how best to position kids’ beverage brands, and explore:

  • What are young children drinking vs what should they be drinking?
  • What’s the sweet spot for sugar levels in beverages that kids enjoy, and parents can feel good about?
  • What flavors do kids like?
  • What’s the size of the kids’ beverage market and what’s happening in the category?
  • Nutrition and formulation: What are parents looking for and avoiding in beverages targeting children?
  • Marketing and branding: How do you position a kids’ beverage brand?  


Billy Bosch Billy Bosch Founder and CEO
Iconic Protein

Brinjal Patel Brinjal Patel Consumer Insights Manager for Refreshment Beverages
Kraft Heinz

Jennifer Pomeranz Jennifer Pomeranz Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health Policy and Management
New York University

Melanie Kahn Melanie Kahn Founder

Mary Ellen Shoup Mary Ellen Shoup Senior Correspondent

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