Kids and the Plant-Based Trend

Kids and the Plant-Based Trend

Plant-based meat, dairy and egg products are gaining traction, from the next generation of burgers and nuggets to oat milk lattes. But are these just for adults? Where is the opportunity in plant-based for kids, from a new generation of ‘hybrid’ products combining meat and plants, to new plant-based milks with added protein and DHA? We bring together a series of brands spanning plant-based meat and dairy to explore how kids fit into the plant-based trend.


Kyle Gaan Kyle Gaan Senior Analyst
The Good Food Institute

Adam Lowry Adam Lowry Co-founder and Co-CEO
Ripple Foods

Hema Reddy Hema Reddy Founder and CEO
Crafty Counter

Jaime Athos Jaime Athos President and CEO

Kristie Middleton Kristie Middleton VP Business Development
Rebellyous Foods

Marlena Hidlay Marlena Hidlay Early Life Nutrition Segment Lead

Mark  Fahlin Mark Fahlin Business Development Manager

Elaine WATSON Elaine Watson Editor

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