Meeting Children’s Nutritional Needs, from Foods to Supplements

Meeting Children’s Nutritional Needs, from Foods to Supplements

What key nutrients do kids need when, from the first 1,000 days (conception to two years) to early childhood and the teen years? Should kids take supplements? If so, when, and what are the nutritional gaps parents should be thinking about? Are parents looking for dedicated products/brands marketed towards children, or are they giving their kids the same products and brands that they are consuming as adults? What formats and flavors work best for kids?


Dr Jennifer Harris Jennifer Harris Senior Research Advisor
Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Dr. Shelley Balanko Dr. Shelley Balanko Senior Vice President
The Hartman Group

Eric  Ciappio Eric Ciappio Technical Sales Manager
FF Health

Erin Quann Erin Quann, PhD, RD Head of Medical Affairs
Nestlé Nutrition/Gerber

Dr. Sonia Hartunian-Sowa Sonia Hartunian-Sowa, PhD Director of Nutrition, Science & Advocacy
DSM North America

Natasha  Bonhomme Natasha Bonhomme Director
Expecting Health

Elizabeth Crawford Elizabeth Crawford Deputy Editor

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