Children's Snacks

Children's Snacks

What are kids snacking on, and are parents happy with current options? What are they looking for when they buy snacks for their children (Protein? Low sugar? Fruit/veggies? Fiber? Vitamins? Probiotics?), and are kids enjoying the same snacks as older household members, or are they consuming more targeted products? How and where are retailers and e-tailers merchandising snacks targeting children, and how do you position a kids’ snacks brand? In this broadcast, we’ll look at branding and positioning, formulation, nutrition, go-to-market strategies, and white space in kids’ snacks, with input from market researchers, established and emerging brands, and parents.


Brigette Bufka Brigette Bufka

Jason Burke Jason Burke Founder & CEO
The New Primal

John Deaton John Deaton Vice President of Science & Technology
Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes

Nicole Hakkarainen Nicole Hakkarainen

Ethan Holmes Ethan Holmes Founder & CEO
Holmes Made Foods

Courtney LeDrew Courtney LeDrew Senior Marketing Manager

Leah Lopez Leah Lopez

Jason Levine Jason Levine Chief Marketing Officer
Sabra Kids USA

 Ali Webster, PhD, RD Ali Webster, PhD, RD Director, Research and Nutrition Communications
International Food Information Council

Denise Woodard Denise Woodard Founder & CEO
Partake Foods

Mary Ellen Shoup Mary Ellen Shoup Senior Correspondent