Plant-based protein has moved into the mainstream. How does it stay there?

Plant-based protein has moved into the mainstream. How does it stay there?

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A panel of experts will join FoodNavigator to discuss the tests that plant-based proteins now face. Among them are the challenges manufacturers face to provide consumers with better products, with improved taste and texture, to see repeat buying from shoppers, and the need to keep innovating. What new plant-protein ingredients and additives are out there that may not be able to reach the market as quickly as we would like? Are the EU’s novel food rules preventing new products coming onto the market? Are rules around gene editing inhibiting the development of a sustainable alternative protein sector because new resilient or high-protein crops can’t be cultivated? The panel will also investigate issues of scaleabilty, labelling, processing techniques and clean label. Meanwhile, what kind of questions about plant-based protein’s health and sustainability credentials can manufacturers except to encounter? Join us to find out.


Amirah Ashouri Amirah Ashouri Interim Director
Cubo Innovation

Katia Merten-Lentz Katia Merten-Lentz Partner
Keller and Heckman LLP

Mark Driscoll Mark Driscoll Founder and Director
Tasting the Future

Dr Robert Harwood Dr Robert Harwood Managing Director
CPL Business Consultants

Oliver Morrison Oliver Morrison Section Editor​