Plant-based 3.0: Emerging from the trough of disillusionment

Plant-based 3.0: Emerging from the trough of disillusionment

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After a challenging few years in which falling sales and units dragged plant-based protein into the trough of disillusionment, stakeholders are looking for a way up the other side of the Gartner Hype Cycle where the promise of full integration, success and fulfillment await and to get there they are leveraging emerging technology, novel ingredients, and new culinary techniques to drive innovation and consumer engagement. We bring together experts from across the industry to discuss the intersection between science and food, highlighting the role of research, nutrition and technological advancements in creating products that not only satisfy taste buds, but also address health and environmental concerns.


Eben Bayer Eben Bayer CEO
Ecovative, and co-founder of MyForest Foods

Andrew Bluestein Andrew Bluestein Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Bluestein Ventures

Julie Emmett Julie Emmett Vice president of marketplace development
Plant Based Foods Association and Plant Based Foods Institute

Annie Ryu Annie Ryu CEO
Jack & Annie’s and founder of The Jackfruit Company

Elizabeth Crawford Elizabeth Crawford Deputy Editor

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