Protein 2.0: From plant-based to fungi, lemna, bacteria, and more

Protein 2.0: From plant-based to fungi, lemna, bacteria, and more

Plant-based proteins continue to dominate the so-called ‘alternative protein’ category, but new options are emerging. In this webinar, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson, we’ll look at the latest on plant-based proteins, but we’ll also examine Euglena, bacteria, fungi and lemna as microscopic protein factories, and how to talk to consumers about everything from ‘animal-free’ dairy proteins to ‘air protein’. We’ll explore the market potential, quiz some key players, and look at how to communicate the benefits of next-generation proteins.

We’ll explore:

  • Protein potential: Assessing the market opportunity for plant-based and ‘alternative’ proteins
  • The investor perspective: How are investors viewing the protein landscape?
  • Yield and sustainability: What’s the greenest, most efficient way to make high-quality food protein?
  • Comparing proteins: Taste, performance, nutrition
  • Consumers and next-generation proteins: Labeling, marketing


Nick Cooney Nick Cooney Managing Partner
Lever VC

Tony Martens Tony Martens Co-founder
Plantible Foods

Adam Noble Adam Noble Founder and CEO

Barb Stuckey Barb Stuckey President and Chief Innovation Officer

Bryan Tracy Bryan Tracy, PhD Co-founder and CEO
Superbrewed Food

Elaine WATSON Elaine Watson Editor