The Future of Seafood

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The Future of Seafood

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With concerns over sustainability, climate change and evolving consumer preferences, the seafood industry is at a pivotal crossroads. In this webinar, industry experts come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. From plant-based seafood and aquaculture advancements to the promise of cultivated seafood technology, we examine the cutting-edge innovations reshaping the seafood landscape. Moreover, we explore the evolving demands of conscious consumers and the strategies that enable businesses to meet their expectations while ensuring environmental stewardship.


Will Biggar Will Biggar CFO
Local Coho

Deniz Ficicioglu Deniz Ficicioglu CEO

 Steve Markenson Steve Markenson Vice President, Research & Insights

Moria Shimoni Moria Shimoni Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Deniz Ataman Deniz Ataman Deputy Editor