The Future of Snacking: What Are Consumers Craving?

The Future of Snacking: What Are Consumers Craving?

What’s new in the snacking world​ and how are consumers fitting snacks into their day? Is the trend of ‘fresh snacking’​the future, or are pantry items still the bread and butter of the category?
FoodNavigator-USA has gathered together a panel of snacking industry stakeholders​ to discuss the hottest new trends in the market from refrigerated veggie and fruit bars to the next evolution of seaweed snacks​ while identifying opportunities for growth in the next three to five years. We’ll also dive into nutrition – what exactly is a ‘healthy snack’ and what are some nutritional gaps snack brands may be missing?


Lynn Dornblaser Lynn Dornblaser Director of Innovation & Insight

Brenden Schaefer Brenden Schaefer Founder & CEO
Bright Foods

Tim Minges Tim Minges Co-founder
Nora Snacks

Amy Peick, RD, LD Amy Peick, RD, LD Supermarket Registered Dietitian
Coborn’s INC

Mary Ellen Shoup Mary Ellen Shoup Senior Correspondent

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