The Sweet Spot: Reducing Sugar Without Reducing Flavor

The Sweet Spot: Reducing Sugar Without Reducing Flavor

In recent years, sugar has become public enemy #1 in the food & beverage industry with consumers blaming the ingredient for a litany of health problems. But is this a fair assessment? And even if it isn’t, how is industry responding to meet evolving consumer demands?

In this live, free one-hour webinar, FoodNavigator-USA’s Deputy Editor Elizabeth Crawford will lead an expert panel of speakers through a 45-minute discussion on how consumers’ views on sugar are changing the way they shop, and as a result the way food and beverage manufacturers are making products. The last 15 minutes of the webinar will be dedicated to answering attendees’ questions. Specifically, the panel will look at:

  • How consumers think about sugar and other sweeteners ranging from coconut sugar and date syrup to allulose, monk fruit and new stevia blends.
  • How do consumer perceptions of sugar and sweeteners stack up to the science?
  • Real life case studies analyzing the pros and cons of formulating with sugar and other sweeteners.
  • How are labeling and regulatory changes related to sugar and sweeteners affecting the market?
  • To what extent is the ‘GMO factor’ impacting purchasing decisions for sweeteners?


Brad Charron Brad Charron CEO

Cynthia Tice Cynthia Tice Founder
Lily's Sweets

Jake Sablosky Jake Sablosky President
NuNaturals, Inc.

Julie Miller Jones, PhD, CNS, LN Julie Miller Jones, PhD, CNS, LN Professor emerita of Nutrition in the Department of Family, Consumer and Nutritional Sciences
St. Catherine University

Kris Sollid Kris Sollid Senior Director, Nutrition Communications
International Food Information Council (IFIC)

Elizabeth Crawford Elizabeth Crawford Deputy Editor

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