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Startups, New Business Development & Funding US

Measures designed to flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus also flattened the economy as many companies laid off employees in droves, frightened consumers pulled purse strings tight and gatherings and travel came to a standstill. The clamp down also derailed many of the strategies that startups and emerging brands use to build brand awareness and lay the foundation for growth that attracts many investors. Likewise, many investors are equally skittish to bank roll risky bets during this risky financial time. But that doesn’t mean growing companies are out of luck.

In this webinar we will explore the current investing and financing climate, how to raise money in an unforgiving economic climate, tips for bootstrapping successfully, where to find grants and government support, brand-building and consumer-outreach strategies, and more.


Lisa Curtis Lisa Curtis CEO and Founder
Kuli Kuli

Jomaree Pinkard Jomaree Pinkard CEO and Co-founder
Hella Cocktail Co

Aihui Ong Aihui Ong Investor and founder
XFactorVentures & LoveWithFood

Andrew Reynolds Andrew Reynolds Co-Founder and Managing Partner
RCV Frontline

Elizabeth Crawford Elizabeth Crawford Deputy Editor

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