Sustainability in Focus: From Environmentally-friendly Packaging to Responsible Ingredients Sourcing

Sustainability in Focus US

While saving the planet may not be top of mind for most consumers in the midst of a pandemic, the overwhelming imperative to reduce the food industry’s environmental impact is not going away, and food and beverage companies of all sizes remain under intense pressure to develop more environmentally-friendly packaging and incorporate sustainability into responsible procurement strategies.

Ingredients suppliers in turn say sustainability is moving from a check-the-box exercise to a condition of doing business with key CPG clients, who are now asking detailed questions about where all of their ingredients are coming from, how they are manufactured and distributed, and expect their suppliers to be actively engaged in programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste, water and energy use.

So what are companies at the cutting edge doing to reduce their environmental impact, and what creative solutions are available to reduce the amount of packaging going into landfill?


Anna Pierce Anna Pierce Director of Sustainability
Tate & Lyle

Mike  Kraft Mike Kraft Director of Sustainability
Bumble Bee Foods

Meghan Stasz Meghan Stasz VP of packaging and sustainability
Consumer Brands Association

Brian Williams Brian Williams VP of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability
CP Kelco

Elizabeth Crawford Elizabeth Crawford Deputy Editor

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