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Fruit juice powders: natural, tasty, nutritious
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Fruit juice powders: natural, tasty, nutritious

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It is universally known that fruits and vegetables are a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients associated with several health benefits. Nevertheless, only a minority of the global population consumes the recommended dosage of five servings a day, and campaigns to support and increase intake have had limited success (1).

Fruit juices: pros and cons

Juice is perhaps the most practical way to intake all the benefits of fruit. In fact, drinking juice brings several benefits.

According to an article appearing in Nutritional Review in 2019 (1), consuming one portion of fruit juice per day may help people achieve the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Also, the authors suggest that fruit juice is a good source of vitamin C, carotenoids, and polyphenols.

And according the American Heart Association​ one-quarter cup of pure, 100% fruit juice can fulfil one of the four to five  servings of fruits and vegetables per day that the Association recommends (3)

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Beside many beneficial effects, however, there are also some possible cons associated with fruit juice. They concern fiber, sugar, and weight gain.

Usually the content of fibers in juices is not as high as those in raw vegetables or fruit, and it does not satisfy daily dietary recommendations, which — according to the Department of Agriculture​  — are for females to consume at least 28 g of dietary fiber per day, and for males 34 g per day (3).
Moreover, “normal” juice powders contain large amounts of added sugars like sucrose, maltodextrins, artificial coloring and flavors. Very often “juice concentrate” is in the last position in a typical normal juice powder breakdown. This may contribute to weight gain in children and adults and also to diabetes in adults.

Nevertheless, and provided that juices should not replace whole fruits and vegetables, fruit juices do represent a great way to intake great beneficial effects.

FiberJuice, real juice powders

MCB is a company from Taiwan with more than 30 years of experience in microencapsulation and spray-drying. They export their nutritional ingredients in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Their products are now available to the USA market thanks to the partnership with Faravelli Inc, which distributes their line of real fruit juices powders, bringing real innovation in the fruit juice market.

Four types of prebiotics

MCB has studied and created a line of real fruit juice powders that contain four types of prebiotics: three dietary fibers — inulin, acacia gum, indigestible malto-dextrins — and one oligosaccharide, while containing no additional synthetic and artificial colouring and additives at all.

They do not contribute to weight gain as they are 0% sucrose added. Sucrose is completely replaced by using only natural sweet and low-GI fructose from the fruit itself. Real juice content is very high (75-80%)

With an international patent for stabilizing blood sugar and anti-hygroscopic and its very high content in real juice, FiberJuice is a unique solution: a juice powder with 0% added sucrose, as the sugar in the formula is natural fructose from the fruit itself.

Moreover, thanks to an advanced spray drying process, FiberJuice maintains original and natural fruit juice flavours.

Unique fiber-encapsulation technology

Micro-encapsulation is a technology that is significantly more challenging in the food industry than in other industries, as the sensory qualities of foods cannot be compromised by the addition of encapsulated components.

Micro-encapsulation is used to reduce adverse aromas, volatility, and reactivity of food products and to provide food products with greater stability under adverse conditions.
It also provides controlled release of the active products, masks unpleasant odor and taste, and allows the encapsulated material to be distributed in a food formulation homogeneously.

MCB is an expert in microencapsulation with more than 30 years of expertise.

Under optimal temperature and pressure conditions to conduct spray drying, the three selected dietary fibres and one oligosaccharide blend homogeneously with juice solid and use their own unique structural characteristics to micro-encapsulate the juice solid.

This innovative fiber-encapsulation provides fine particles with excellent free-flowing properties.

Thanks to this patented technology the fruit powders maintain blood glucose stability and have excellent anti-hygroscopicity.

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A colourful range of natural and tasty flavours

FiberJuice Juice Powders are a complete range of fruit powders for a complete range of real and healthy flavours, with up to 80% of juice. This content cannot be found in any other spray-dried juice powders currently on the market.

  • Berries​:  cranberry, raspberry, black currant, blueberry, strawberry, mixed berries
  • Tropical​: pineapple, passion fruit, tropical fruit, banana
  • Fruity: grape, pomegranate, lemon, orange, grapefruit

Key Features

  • High juice content
  • High and multi fibers
  • Excellent anti-hygroscopicity
  • No sucrose added

Main food and nutra applications

  • Protein smoothie
  • Probiotics
  • Collagen
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamin powder/tablet
  • Ice cream (soft serve)
  • RTD (ready to drink)
  • Yogurt, bakery, confectionery, etc. 

FiberJuice is a brand by MCB.

In North America it is distributed by Faravelli, Inc





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