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Give consumers foods that taste great with a fraction of the calories

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Give consumers great-tasting foods at a fraction of the calories

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Today, more than ever before, consumers face ongoing health concerns and strive to achieve better overall health and wellness. They look to calorie control and weight management to help them address these issues. A majority of consumers want foods that offer less calories, yet taste still remains #1. Repeat: consumers will not sacrifice taste in pursuit of lower calories.

So, the challenge lies in delivering lower calorie foods that still taste great.

  • 89% of shoppers are interested in purchasing a reduced calorie version of a product they already buy1
  • 83% would be more interested in buying their favorite snack food if its calories were reduced by 45%, as long as the taste stayed the same1

The demand is real for products that deliver dramatically reduced calories, without compromising taste. Yet, only 18% of consumers are extremely satisfied with current options for reduced calorie foods.1

So, how do you meet the demand for great-tasting foods with less calories?

The path to calorie reduction

Historically, the pursuit of calorie reduction has followed two paths, sugar reduction or fat reduction—dictated by the ‘latest’ trends or opinions that made either sugar and carbohydrates or fats the enemy.

Most recently, the FDA has made it clear that it’s all about the calories, period.​ They have mandated increasing the font size and calling out the calories per serving, along with the additional requirement to label added grams of sugar. The message is clear: people must pay close attention to how many calories they are consuming.

With the rapid rise of dieting and nutrition apps, and consumers becoming more informed about healthy vs. unhealthy types of fats, overall calories are now the concern—and the target. To most consumers, it all boils down to this simple fact: Weight Loss = Calories In – Calories Out. Until now, the hard part has been finding enjoyable ways for them to maintain the equation.

Now you can help them reduce their calorie intake...and change their world.

Reduce the fat for twice the calorie reduction versus sugar

Removing sugar removes 4 calories per gram; where reducing fat can remove 8.3 calories per gram—double the calorie reduction. ​Reducing calories from fat makes sense.

How Epogee helps manufacturers lose the calories from fat

Epogee has developed their proven safe and sound EPG alternative fat technology, which enables food & beverage manufacturers to dramatically lower calories without compromising taste, texture or functionality.

EPG is a GMO-free modified plant-based oil, based on proprietary fat technology, that:

  • Cuts 92% of calories for each unit of fat replaced
  • Contributes 0.7 calories per gram instead of 9

EPG is made solely from fat—unlike other fat substitutes that use sucrose and/or starches—so manufacturers don’t need to compensate with additional sugar or artificial sweeteners to improve the flavor.

EPG allows manufacturers to deliver foods & beverages that taste good and do good—for health-conscious consumers.

Watch and see how EPG can help you change the way things have always been.

Making 14 applications—including traditionally indulgent foods—better-for-you

EPG can be used in a wide variety of applications—basically, just about anything higher in fats and oils—to dramatically reduce their caloric impact. In fact, EPG is GRAS in 14 applications.

99% of shoppers indulge periodically,1​ and EPG can be included in traditionally indulgent foods. In-market products using EPG, including ice creams, chocolates and nut butters, have wide consumer acceptance. EPG also helps manufacturers eliminate many of the less desirable ingredients such as starches, gums, binders, preservatives and flavor enhancers traditionally used in many low-fat and low-calorie foods.


Find out how to deliver on dramatically reduced calories without compromising taste, in the white paper, “Cooking Up a Fat Revolution with EPG.”

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Consumers need—and want—great-tasting, low-calorie foods, and now manufacturers can truly meet that need, without compromise, with EPG alternative fat technology.



​“Consumers & Calorie Reduction: A Deep Dive Into Attitudes and Behaviors,” Epogee Custom Research, April 2020