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DSM Hydrocolloids restarts Rainbow facility and redefines biogum portfolio to cater to increased focus on sustainable and healthy living
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DSM Hydrocolloids restarts Rainbow facility and redefines biogum portfolio to cater to increased focus on sustainable and healthy living

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DSM Hydrocolloids (DHC), the specialty hydrocolloids business of Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and sustainable living, announces that, six months since it completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Inner Mongolia Rainbow Biotech Co.,Ltd, it has recommenced operations at the facility.  Following the closing of the transaction, the site was shut down until last month so that DHC could execute a series of upgrades to improve the safety, health, quality and environmental standards.  With these investments, DHC will substantially improve the robustness of its operations, the reliability and quality of its products and supply.  This will enable DHC to service its customers and various stakeholders in a more sustainable manner.

Renamed as DSM Rainbow (Inner Mongolia) Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.  (“DSM Rainbow”), the facility offers a comprehensive biogum portfolio, including gellan gum, xanthan gum and welan gum, and cements DHC’s unique position as Asia’s number one biogum solutions provider.

DHC opens new innovation center and expands team of application experts

In addition to restarting production at DSM Rainbow, DHC recently expanded its innovation capability via opening its new innovation center at its other biogum site, DSM Zhongken Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, located in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, China.  This also coincided with DHC expanding its team of technical experts and a reshaping of its organizational structure to enhance the depth and breadth of its application expertise whilst deepening its ability to service customers. The center showcases state-of-the-art application laboratories for beverage, dairy, fruits, confectionery, bakery, condiments, dysphagia food and personal care, as well as advanced analytical capabilities.

DSM China President Weiming Jiang stated, “I believe this state-of-the-art facility, coupled with DHC’s proximity to high growth economies and its nimble and customer centric structure, will further enhance our intimacy with local and global manufacturers of food and beverage, personal care and homecare products. This will allow us to accelerate our innovation efforts as we work with our customers on developing natural and healthy food solutions for consumers in China and abroad. Mindful of the high demands and speed of the market, we continue to refine our understanding of what they need now and what they might need in the future. Also, with the addition of DSM Rainbow to the DHC family, we are now able to service industrial customers in need of consistent and high quality products in large scale.”

Aligning DHC’s biogum portfolio with healthy & sustainable living

As DSM Hydrocolloids (as well as DSM) continues its drive in encouraging sustainable manufacturing, circular economy, healthier living and responsible consumption, the team at DHC are redefining the existing DSM Rainbow product portfolio and service experience to our customers.  Jiang added, “The future redefined DSM Rainbow portfolio will leverage DSM’s extensive technical and application expertise so that our customers can make safe, sustainable, informed choices that can catalyze real progress in an industry where incumbents have at times prioritized profit and revenue over consumer preferences and environmental health.  This will allow us in our mission to bring natural solutions to more people and be a part of the health and sustainability stories behind the products of our customers.”

Connect with DSM Hydrocolloids

Since its inception, DHC has grown quickly to become a leading hydrocolloid solutions provider in food and beverage, personal care and industrial applications.  To see how DHC’s products and services can be used in your food and beverage, personal care and industrial applications, please go to DHC’s website​.

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