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How advances in science and technology impact consumers' F&B choice
ADM: Innovation that Feeds the Future

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WATCH: ADM’s Brad Schwan shares 4 tech trends that are reshaping the food & beverage industry in 2024

Understanding consumer trends and the impact of technology is essential for modern businesses to thrive.

From increased connectivity and information access to advancements in artificial intelligence and hyper-personalization, new technologies are accelerating change and heightening expectations among consumers. Having an abundance of choice is a fundamental component of modern food culture.

Brad Schwan, Vice President of Marketing at ADM Global Food Brands, discusses four important growth opportunities at the intersection of technology and food and beverage trends, and how delivering choice for consumers is key to success for today’s brands.

Leveraging ADM's multidisciplinary research, AI technology, and insights from their global TrendXplorers team, Brad speaks to how blending technology with protein diversity, balancing taste and wellness goals, feeding the world on demand, and high-tech food choices for pets are poised to shape the future of the food and beverage landscape.

As an industry leader in global consumer trends, ADM can help you apply this knowledge to create innovative products and services that resonate with consumers’ ever-changing considerations, needs, and desires.

Is your brand ready for this byte-sized revolution? Reach out to the experts at ADM today to see how they can help give you an edge.

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