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Unveiling Taiwan's sustainable initiatives at Food Taipei

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Beyond the plate: Shaping a sustainable food ecosystem

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In recent years, the food industry has faced a multitude of challenges, including severe climate conditions, the global pandemic, food safety concerns, the rising cost of raw materials, and geopolitical tensions.

These issues have exerted significant pressure on the entire food supply chain to continue its operations smoothly. Businesses have started to adopt sustainable practices in response to the pressures, for instance, developing innovative preservation techniques to reduce food waste.

In addition, upcycled food also addresses food waste by repurposing discarded food production elements into quality products, promoting resource conservation. On the other hand, adopting eco-friendly food packaging helps to attract consumers’ attention. Furthermore, alternative protein and plant-based products are continuing to impact the food industry.

Growing consumer interest towards plant-based products is significant and the plant-based sector shows positive growth, especially in Asia which has experienced the fastest growth rate of 85% CAGR.1​ This growing consumer demand is steering the industry towards innovative product development, especially in the areas of plant-based and alternative protein offerings. The emphasis is on products that deliver on both taste and health benefits while positively impacting the environment.

Food Taipei highlights sustainability and future food

Many businesses have embarked on a journey towards more eco-friendly production methods, and the food industry in Taiwan is also putting many efforts to echo the trend. The 2024 Taipei International Food Show (Food Taipei) in June will feature two main themes, ‘Food for Future’ and ‘Food Safety and Sustainability’ to reflect a commitment to sustainability.

Meanwhile, the show will launch a new exhibiting area, Future Food Pavilion, showcasing the latest food trends and technologies from alternative food to plant-based foods and microbial fermentation technology. The pavilion – featuring exhibitors who share the same values to build a sustainable food system – is a testament to the innovation that drives the food industry forward, offering a glimpse into the possibilities that await us at the dining table of tomorrow.

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Food Taipei debuted Future Food Pavilion showcasing alternative food, plant-based foods microbial fermentation technology and 'engay' food – easy-to-swallow food for the elderly

Businesses who exhibit with Food Taipei tackle sustainability

Adhering to the principles of sustainable business and environmental friendliness, Anyo Group is dedicated in the development of ‘Whole-Fish Utilization’. Innovative technologies and business models increase the utilization rate of silver perch from 41% to 82%.2

Meanwhile, Sunright Foods Corporation has committed to reduce its carbon footprint. By reusing water resources the massive amount of wastewater generated during the production process is addressed, maintaining safe, high-quality and environmentally-friendly food.

Plant-based trend in Asia and Taiwan

The vegetarian consumer accounts for around 14% of the population in Taiwan.3​ Plant-based products are commonly accepted: in recent years alternative protein and plant-based products are booming in the Taiwanese market. Leading livestock producer, DaChan Great Wall Group, sees the potential of the plant-based market and has launched its subsidiary Neo Foods Company which develops alternative protein.

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The major plant-based protein producer, Hoya continues to develop its plant-based products with a variety of flavors and textures, such as the vegan fish snack or truffle-flavored vegan jerky. In addition, the plant-based milk market continues to grow.

The oat milk manufacturer AGV has collaborated with Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) and established the ‘AGV Plant Milk Technology R&D Center’, leveraging research, techniques and a production line in order to promote sustainable food systems in Taiwan.

Creating a sustainable food supply chain

Food Taipei will be held in conjunction with Foodtech Taipei, Bio/Pharmatech Taiwan, Taipei Pack, and Taiwan Horeca. The five shows will unite under one roof as the Food Taipei Mega Shows, representing the comprehensive supply chain of the food industry and peripheral equipment sectors, displaying the latest innovative products, from efficient and energy saving machinery, to green packaging and smart catering.

Visitors will be able to see the latest green packaging solutions at the Sustainable Packaging Materials Area in Taipei Pack or the IoT adoption on catering at Smart Catering Area in Taiwan Horeca. The ‘mega’ event represents a comprehensive supply chain facilitating one-stop sourcing for global companies to network with the Asia-Pacific food industry.

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Food Taipei Mega Shows will showcase the topic of future food and sustainability, and present an eco-friendly food supply chain

The exhibition is enriched with a variety of side events that offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the food ecosystem and network with prominent industry players. Among these, ‘Daily Savory’ stands out as a four-day series where each day provides a unique culinary experience, including discussions on the green food supply chain. This segment promises attendees an inspiring journey through sustainable practices from production to packaging, highlighting diverse and innovative solutions.

Another highlight, the ‘Food Taipei Forum’, will see global experts and industry leaders dive into the latest trends on manufacturing, processing, and packaging. This forum is designed to equip businesses with the knowledge to navigate the evolving market landscape.

Additionally, ‘Guided Tours’ are organized to give attendees the latest food products and machinery trends. These tours showcase everything from advanced processing technologies to high-quality foods, ensuring a full understanding of the current and emerging industry innovations.

To further emphasize sustainability, the ‘ESG Achievement Award’ will debut at the exhibition, shining a light on companies that have made significant steps in adopting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. This award aims to celebrate and encourage the environmentally-friendly efforts within the industry, showcasing the commitment of businesses to incorporate sustainable development.

Food Taipei and its concurrent shows will be held June 26-29, 2024, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, showcasing the Asia-Pacific culinary ecosystem in all its glory and emphasizing healthy, palatable, and sustainable products.

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