Foodology by Univar Solutions: Innovations in Plant-based Meat

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Foodology by Univar Solutions: Innovations in Plant-based Meat

Are you looking to create a plant-based burger with the same flavor and texture of meat sizzling over the backyard BBQ grill, but with the healthy benefits of plant proteins?

Tune in to learn how adding plant proteins can create the perfect blend for a savory, juicy burger to satisfy your customers’ cravings.

This presentation will help you:
• Rethink your existing products
• Explore how nature-derived proteins can elevate your offerings
• Address the demands for healthier alternatives

Meet Chef Mike Haracz as he includes a demonstration at Foodology by Univar Solutions new food solution center at The Hatchery in Chicago.


Mike Haracz Mike Haracz Corporate Chef, Culinary Development Lead
Foodology by Univar Solutions

Charles Purcell Charles Purcell Senior Manager, Application Development
Foodology by Univar Solutions