From the Ground Up: Building a Farmer-First Supply Chain

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From the Ground Up: Building a Farmer-First Supply Chain

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Building a sustainable supply chain is a priority for many food companies as consumers demand increased transparency and environmental stewardship from brands. Ingredient sourcing and the environmental practices of chosen supply chain partners are two of the most important factors impacting emission rates, and ultimately the sustainability of product lines.

In this webinar, Jess Bollinger, Head of Sustainability of DNT, will share how to track farm-level sustainability metrics to help companies meet sustainability benchmarks as well as drive consumer sales.

Joining Jess is Richard Galloway, U.S. Soy Consultant, who will share examples of how the U.S. Soy industry partners with food companies to provide sustainable and functional fat and oil ingredient solutions, proving increased value for businesses and end users.

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Richard Galloway Richard Galloway Consultant
U.S. Soy

Jess Bollinger Jess Bollinger Head of Sustainability

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